Pro iCam Firmware Upgrade

Pro iCam Firmware Upgrade 

A. Update the firmware for the camera 


  1. Download the new firmware for your camera, firmware file can be found here
  2. Turn on your device wait for it to boot up and then press and hold the reset button for at least 20 sec.
  3. Wait for the camera to boot up again with factory preset settings, once boot up the camera will generate a WIFI hotspot in this format YMXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXX or CMXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXX
  4. Connect your computer to the cameras WiFI hotspot and open up your browser (Chrome preferred)
  5. In the browser copy and paste this URL
  7. User Name and password window will pop up enter user name admin and leave the password blank
  8. If you are using Chrome or Firefox click on the 2nd icon from the top if you are using Microsoft Explorer click on the 1st one from the top
  9. In the lower right hand click on the gear icon
  10. From the left menu click on System then click Update
  11. Choose the OOK-new.bin file that you downloaded in step on (usually the file downloads automatically to your download folder) 
  12. Then click update
  13. The update will take about 1 -2 minutes than the camera will restart
  14. Continue to set up

B. Contact [email protected] with; 

           Product Name or Model Number:

           Software version number:

            Proof of purchase (Order number)

C. Zetronix will email you the new zipped version of a folder to upgrade the camera to the new server and new app Called HDSmartIPC
NOTE: If any information is missing Zetronix will NOT be able to send you the correct software to connect your camera with the new software and app. 

  1. Once you received the zip file called upload please extract it to the root folder of freshly formated MicroSD card. 
  2. Make sure your camera is turned off and insert the memory card with the uploaded update folder into the camera.
  3. Turn on the camera and wait for about 3 - 7 min while your camera is  Updated.
  4. Once updated your camera will generate a new WIFI hotspot that starts with AIXXXXXXXXX
  5. Connect to the wifi hotspot with your phone and set up the camera with the new server

D. Download the manual to set up the camera here