Today almost every car has a charging station. It makes it easy for users to have their gadgets get charged anytime and anywhere. In case you are planning to go on a long adventurous road trip, you need to make sure that your car charger adapter is performing well. A lot of car owners often complain about the performance of their car chargers. Whether you are driving to your work or going on a long road trip, a fully powered smartphone can help you track the route and stay in touch with your friends and colleagues. 

With time, smartphones are becoming more advanced and powerful, however, the same is not the case with their battery. As a result, your phone needs constant charging to function well. If your device is charging slowly, then the chances are that your battery or phone may start to hang or malfunction due to irregular power supply. As mentioned earlier, every car comes with a charging option.  However, the efficiency and performance may vary depending on the type of charger and device you are using.

The following are some useful tips and tricks to make your car charger adapter more durable and robust.

  1. Prevent excessive drainage of batteries

To ensure your phone charger does not drain out the battery of your car, make sure to remove it when you are not using it. When your car charger is plugged in, it tends to drain the battery and can affect the performance of your car itself, which can cause serious harm to your vehicle. Nevertheless, many smartphone chargers come with the necessary safeguards. These chargers stop charging once they are completely charged. Therefore, your battery won't drain out even if the charger is plugged in. If you use a standard charger, make sure they are plugged out when not in use to make your car charger and battery energy efficient.

  1. Check for the compatibility of your car charging adaptor

When you invest in a charger, check whether it shares compatibility with your smart devices that require frequent charging. Today, almost all phone chargers share compatibility with universal chargers. However, for older models, you need to check for the compatibility beforehand.

  1. Don't degrade the lifespan of your battery

If a charger is plugged in even when it has charged your device, it may decrease your phone battery's life and efficiency. Once your mobile phone or dashcam is completely charged, remove it from the charging station to improve your phone battery life. The same rule applies to regular charging ports as well. By merely unplugging it when it has charged your device, you can improve your battery's overall performance and life span.

  1. Switch off your device while charging

Some phones and devices are challenging to charge as they charge slowly. However, there are different techniques to improve the charging speed. The best way to improve the charging speed is to switch your device off while it is charging in your car. This method decreases your power consumption and charges your device in less time.

  1. Smart vs conventional chargers

If you opt for a traditional car charger, it may do the job. However, smart chargers are more versatile and convenient to use, especially for long car trips. Some chargers even keep track of your battery health. Ideally, you need to invest in a charger that can work with iPhones as well as Android phones.

In conclusion

By following the simple tips mentioned above, you can improve your car phone adaptor's performance and life span.  Whether you have a basic or high-end model, the advice we have shared in this article can make it more durable and sturdy.