Fiery plane crash caught on dash cam!

  A horrifying plane crash in Mukilteo, Oregon was captured by Simon Li's dash cam on Tuesday afternoon while he was waiting for a stoplight to turn green. The plane, a single-engine Piper PA32-260 registered to Klamath Aviation LLC, just took off from nearby Paine Field airport when it unexpectedly lost power. When the pilot realized that he wouldn't be able to restart the plane's engine, he steered it toward a vacant portion of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.   As the dash cam footage shows, the small aircraft hit a power line and a street light on its way down. The sparks ignited its fuel, causing a massive fireball. Amazingly, the plane's pilot and passenger walked out alive and uninjured from the wreckage. The plane, however, still hit and damaged at least five cars before halting to a stop. Despite the collisions, the Mukilteo Police Department reported that there were no further injuries.   Due to the crash, electric power was down for about 9,000 local residents and several nearby streets were blocked by the police. Judging by the footage, this situation could have been much, much worse.   As you can see, terrifying as it is, the dash cam footage showed what really happened during the plane's descent, which should prove valuable in the ensuing investigations of the crash. But it's not just freak accidents that we need to be worried about. The number of road rage incidents in the U.S. is out of control. With a dash cam, you are able to capture all incidents with 100 percent accuracy. Dash cams are great resources for documenting everything happening around you. If you get into an accident or are a victim of road rage, a dash cam will let the facts speak for themselves.