Car sent flying in terrifying dash cam footage of crash

In the footage a silver Vauxhall Zafira crashed into a red Ford Fiesta after it pulled out in front of it in the overtaking lane. The collision on the A361 in Devizes, Witshire, on April 8 sent both cars flying in opposite directions. The video was filmed by Sharon Holyoake, who had been a passenger in a car travelling behind both vehicles. Mrs Holyoake, 39, who ran to help the drivers, then posted the clip on Facebook with a stark warning. She wrote: ‘Thought I’d post the following video in the vain hope that we all take a little more care on the Wiltshire roads this summer (myself included). ‘I appeal for this post not to become a witch hunt or a finger pointing session. Blame is not my concern here – just awareness. ‘The most important thing is that everyone walked away unharmed, if not extremely shaken from this crash. ‘Please slow down and be vigilant. This crash could have been so much worse. Everyone involved was extremely lucky.’ An ambulance was called to the scene and the road was closed. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the accident. Police confirmed a lamppost was knocked down as a result of the crash.