The Spy Camera Glasses are not different from the regular eye spectacles. They are so harmless, in fact, they are similar to the spectacles used by our grandfathers, or the shades used often by our sisters.

Here are some facts about spyglasses:

Secret operations

The Spy Camera Glasses are designed for secret operations. They are particularly useful for spying and law enforcement. Authorities use the spy camera glasses to get or put suspects under surveillance. The spy camera glasses can also be useful for private detectives who use them to obtain damaging evidence in a law suit.

Now more than fiction

Spy Camera Glasses occupy an interesting place in the evolution of widgets and gadgets, from fantasy spy fiction right up there to "shoe phone" Maxwell Smart in real life, and not to leave home without essential secret agent equipment. In many ways, spy glasses hold a similar position in the world of contemporary popular cultures such as video telephone, video conferencing, remote satellite surveillance imaging, and even modest cellular telephone.

Over two decades ago, spying camera glasses were regarded as childhood fantasies. The first time I came up with the idea of video conferencing was in the Disney cartoon film of 1980's. Daisy and Donald made plans for the new giant snipers of the "fandangle crackpot invention" - which is a screen TV with a small camera in the top box connected to the phone. Today I can talk to the editor through microphone/webcam which is penned at the top of my laptop screen. I remember the last pages of a comic featuring switchblade combs, zit-makers, X-ray glasses, pen, sea monkeys, and of course, some spy camera glasses.

I Spy

Spy camera glasses are equipment of spy movies. The only thing that is even more disturbing than the fact that they are used in everyday life, is the possibility that there is enough corresponding demand to justify what seems to be an important international market for it. Instead of being the reserve of some backwoods survivalist cult, a quick Google search will issue the number of web-based or physical outlets where anybody in almost any country can buy a set of spy camera glasses. The spy camera glasses can be around $50 for the school boy and thousands of dollars for the top secret, covert, high-grade, Special Forces military. A set of spy camera glasses like these are ones you can get either from an MI6 agent or T-1000 terminator.

The fashionable spy

Sometime ago the spy camera glasses may have been regarded as fiction, but they are not lining of comics and books anymore. In fact, these spy glasses have evolved over the years and now you can see them in any style and color. Most of the spy camera glasses presently in the market will be more at home on a gold winning sailboard rider or Olympic speed skater. Of course, they were cool back in the late eighties, and even early 90s, but a few spy camera glasses are certainly not going to help even the most invisible of men to remain undercover and out of danger. Remember, regarding spy camera glasses or any glasses, fashion first – function later!