Do you ever feel like you are in a situation where there was something said or something you heard that needed to be recorded but didn't have the tools with you to do it? Recording something when you want to can take some time as you have to take your phone or recorder out and manually start recording. There's also the added negative that if you want to record something, everyone around you will know that you are doing it as it will seem obvious when you take out your device. In this situation, something that can start recording promptly and discreetly is very beneficial to have, and NERO, a voice-activated key FOB audio recorder, does precisely that. 

The Zetronix NERO is a voice-activated recording device that is disguised in the form of a key fob, allowing the user to secretly be able to record what they want. The audio recorder is small in size and easy to fit nearly anywhere, but it comes loaded with some key features which sets itself apart from competition and makes it a perfect product for many uses.


NERO main features

 Long battery life

NERO has a very long battery life and can record up to 40 hours non-stop. If used in the voice-activated standby mode setting, the battery life can last up to a month. The standby mode helps the recorder conserve power, and it only starts recording when it picks up sound.



The recorder is available with 4GB built-in storage or 32GB storage. 1GB of memory adds around ten more hours of audio storage, so the 4GB stores 40 hours, and the 32GB stores 320 hours, about 13 days. The 32GB version is available for an extra $30 price.


 Crystal clear audio recording

NERO's cutting edge recording technology allows it to record crystal clear audio from where you keep it. NERO guarantees a clear recording, whether it's in your pocket, your hand, or even some surface. NERO also allows the user to record sounds up to 33 feet away.


Voice activation

The ability to start recording using your voice is one of NERO's key features and what makes it so good. Not having to reach into your pocket or take out the device to press a button helps you stay concentrated on whatever task you are doing and does not draw attention to you. Having it in voice-activated mode also makes it very easy for you because NERO will just stop recording when it hears no sound.



You can charge NERO using a USB port, making it very easy to find a cable for it, it also connects to laptops and computers using the USB port, so it makes it easy to transfer recordings to another device. NERO is compatible with Mac and Windows, allowing you to listen to audio on Quicktime or Windows media player.


Use in audio surveillance.

The ability to record our surroundings can be useful for many reasons, and NERO helps us do this with its many features.


  • Lectures - Allows you to record important lectures, so you have recordings for reference.
  • Important conversations - there might be a conversation that is important to you. Having a way to record it is handy.
  • Secretly recording abuse or some other altercations - NERO allows you to record in places where you see something and need proof to show what happened.
  • Catching people in their lies - If you are in a scenario where you need to record someone for future use, NERO can help you do that discreetly.


Recording yourself in any scenario is perfectly normal, but recording others might seem like an invasion of their privacy for some people. It is important to remember that there are cases in which recording someone might be a necessity in protecting yourself or someone else you might know. For example, if you are a parent and hire a nanny for your child, you might be hesitant to leave your child with someone else. A child will not be able to properly communicate if the nanny misbehaves with them, but with a recording device like NERO, you can listen in on what the nanny might be doing when you are not home. With a nanny cam that you can buy from Zetronix and the audio recording from NERO, you will have a nanny cam with audio. There are cams available that can also record sound, but with NERO, sound recording is much more discrete and better quality. NERO also allows you to have one product that can do multiple things.