Security cameras can be found indoors or outside, concealed or obvious, hanging from the ceiling or a shelf. Security cameras are a common feature of both residential and commercial spaces. No matter where or how they are utilized, they observe and record things we would prefer not to see but are nonetheless grateful for. The memory card is a crucial piece of equipment in these security cameras that lets us view the captured images and videos.

After all, we are recording footage that may one day be required and beneficial. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure that visuals are crisp and clear. How can we ensure that the memory card we buy will meet our demands and provide high-quality images? We research for the Compatible Micro Sd card we're interested in and look at a few critical characteristics like capacity, speed, and durability. After that, select a company we can trust. Local video recording using a microSD card helps prevent data loss due to network outages. 128GB micro-SD, 128GB SD card, 32GB SDHC memory card, and 64GB micro-SD card are all great for your security camera.

How to Pick a Reliable MicroSD Card for Your Security Cameras

MicroSD cards are utilized in many devices, including drones and smartphones. Every programmer has different requirements for the memory card it operates. For instance, memory cards for cameras used for photography must have high performance and high endurance.


Regarding capacity, memory cards come in a variety of sizes. There are memory cards with powers of 16, 32, 64, 128, and even 256 GB.

To start, look up the specs of your camera. The most prominent memory card size that some cameras can support is limited. For instance, Wyze Cam restricts the capacity of the microSD cards you may install to 32GB. Second, consider how you intend to utilize your security camera to decide your required storage capacity. Use a high-capacity and Compatible Micro Sd card if your camera is configured to record continually. However, if the memory card is just a backup storage option, you can choose one with a smaller capacity.

Consider the resolution of your camera as well. Use a microSD card with a bigger storage capacity if your camera has a solution of 1080p or 4K since high-quality videos require more storage space.


Speed is a different element. Memory cards are given a speed rating depending on their read/write speeds.

The pace at which a memory card sends data (video) to its memory is known as the write speed. Using a sluggish microSD card might result in recorded videos skipping frames or becoming jerky. Unfortunately, most security cameras don't expressly provide a suggested write speed, unlike with the capacity. Most of them advise choosing a memory card with an SDHC Class 10 speed rating, which implies it can handle a write speed of at least 10MBPS. The SDXC I and SDXC II speed ratings have taken the role of the SDHC speed rating, further complicating the decision. Consequently, how can you pick a memory card with the proper write speed?

We advise you to base your choice on the resolution of your camera. MicroSD cards with faster writing rates are necessary for cameras with better solutions. Look for microSD cards that can maintain a write speed of at least 30MB/second for 4K cameras. These cards are typically identified as SDXC II V30 or SDXC I with the number "3" enclosed in a U-bracket. Use a memory card with at least a 10MB/second write speed for 1080p and 720p cameras.


Because they too are exposed to extreme environments, memory cards must be strong. For instance, using a memory card continuously for an extended period may eventually cause harm. Additionally, specific cameras feature magnets, which are bad for most microSD cards. Memory cards must also be heat- and water-resistant, especially if they are to be used with outdoor security cameras.

What MicroSD Cards Work Best with Security Cameras?


Samsung PRO Endurance, first.

Recently, Samsung PRO Endurance microSD cards were made available. The fact that they were created especially for home security cameras is their most vital feature.

Samsung PRO+ 2

The speed-oriented sibling of Samsung PRO Endurance is Samsung PRO+. It is ideal for quickly wasting vast amounts of data since it can write at a sustained rate of up to 90MB/second. Additionally, it is magnet-proof, high-temperature resistant, waterproof, and X-ray-proof.

High Endurance Sandisk

The Sandisk High Endurance microSD card is Sandisk's take on a robust MicroSD card. It was introduced a few years ago, so it's not as quick or powerful as Samsung PRO Endurance, but it's still an affordable alternative for entry-level cameras.

Industrial Class 10 Kingston

The Kingston Industrial Class 10 microSD card is our top choice, and we suggest using it for outdoor security cameras in chilly climates. Kingston Industrial Class 10 can resist temperatures
as low as -40°F, which is something the other microSD cards on this list are unable to achieve. This makes up for its slower speed compared to the other alternatives.


Security cameras are a common feature of both residential and commercial spaces. The memory card is a crucial piece of equipment in these security cameras that lets us view the captured images and videos. The article will help you to find the right micro card for security cameras.