Dashcam video shows good Samaritan jump through car window to save driver


DIXON, Ill. (WFLA/WMAQ) – A good Samaritan saw a vehicle roll through a stoplight, into the path of oncoming cars, and was able to save the day by leaping through the passenger window as the car was moving, WMAQ reports.

The moment was caught on police dash camera video.

WMAQ reports Randy Tompkins was driving his truck in Dixon, Illinois when another car rolled through a stoplight and almost hit other cars.

The driver of the car was having a seizure.

Tompkins moved his truck out of the way, ran to the car, then jumped into the moving vehicle through the passenger window.

He then put the car in park

Police officers assisted the driver, who was taken to the hospital.

Officers thanked Tompkins for coming to the aid of a stranger.