Dashcam Video Shows Drunk Semi-Truck Driver Swerve Off Highway

A dash-camvideo shows a commercial semitrailer driver stumbling and struggling to walk straight after being pulled over by police for weaving in and out of traffic erratically on a Minnesota highway, for which he was charged with driving while impaired. Jonathan Czech, 48, a driver at the time of the incident for third-party company Crete Carrier Corp., was transporting a Walmart tractor trailer across Minnesota's Highway 10 on July 18 when he was stopped by police. Dashcam Captures Attempted Ambush of Idaho Police Officer by Fugitive Hiding in Trunk Police Dashcam Captures High Speed Chase, Shootout During Ride-Along The video released this week by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety shows the semitrailer swerve off to the right shoulder, hit a sign and struggle to get back on the road. After the truck got back on the highway, it crossed several lanes of traffic before finally coming to a stop. Minnesota State Patrol troopers pulled over the vehicle and asked Czech to step out. The video shows Czech falling out of the truck and then stumbling and struggling to walk straight. Czech fell to the ground again as an officer attempted to pull him up. Police said they found two large bottles of vodka next to the driver's seat and Czech tested at more than three times the legal limit for alcohol. Czech can be heard in the video answering, "Yup," when asked by a police officer, "Do you feel the effects of the alcohol you drank?" Czech was later convicted of third-degree DWI, according to court documents, which also state that he was sentenced to serve 365 days in county jail, reduced to 36 days. He was also placed on supervised probation for four years, starting Sept, 14. Crete Carrier Corp. fired Czech when officials learned of his arrest, the company said in a statement. "Today is the first time Crete Carrier Corporation was made aware of the video of one of its former drivers and we are very disturbed by the actions of the driver and thankful no one was injured," the company said in the statement Wednesday. "The driver in question was hired by Crete Carrier approximately six weeks prior to the situation in the video. At the time of his hire, he had previous experience as a commercial truck driver and a clear driving record for over 10 years. Once we were made aware of him being charged with DUI, his employment was terminated." -From ABC news