Dashcam captures dramatic drunk driving crash in Hawaii
Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNLHONOLULU- A drunk driver crashed at full speed into a median on the H-1 Freeway early Friday morning, a violent collision that was captured on the dashboard camera of another motorist. The video, posted on the DASHCAM HAWAII YouTube channel, shows a man driving a black sedan across several westbound lanes near the Middle Street merge before slamming head-on into the barricade between the freeway and the off-ramp. Upon impact, several pieces of the vehicle break apart before the car spins a full 360 degrees, scrapes against the center median and comes to rest further down the roadway. "We actually ran over one of his headlights," said Carlos Kauwalu. Kauwalu said he was heading home from work when he and his wife came upon the scene. "I hopped out of the car and I told her to pull on the side," he said. "I went over there and I was like 'what happened?' and he was stuck in the car." Kauwalu and the man who's dashboard camera captured the accident, both pried the passenger side door open and freed the alleged drunk driver. "His shirt was all ripped and he just looked all buss," said Kauwalu. "He was saying 'oh, she told me to turn right but I was trying to go left' like somebody else was in the car with him." But according to the Good Samaritans, there was no one else in the car and the driver made it out without a scratch. In fact, Kauwalu said he was up walking around before police arrived. The 22-year-old man, identified as Kahlil Wyche, was arrested for driving under the influence. "We have all seen stuff like this over and over again for years," said Arkie Koehl with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Koehl was shocked when he saw the video. He said the driver is lucky to be alive and hopes the dramatic incident serves as a reminder that drinking and driving is a gamble that no one can win. "You're going to get caught sooner or later and if you're lucky, you'll get caught before you hit a barrier and spin out on the H-1," said Koehl. The man who captured the dashcam video asked to remain anonymous, but said he posted it to prevent another occurrence. -From HHN