When it comes to deterring crime and protecting your property, installing a security camera is one of the best investments you can make. Outdoor security cameras can provide you with footage of any suspicious activity that occurs on or near your property, helping you to identify and prosecute criminals.

However, not all security cameras are created equal. If you're thinking about purchasing an outdoor security camera, it's important to know which types of cameras can be installed outside and how to properly conceal them against potential tampering.

These days every market offers a huge number of amazing indoor and outdoor security cameras that everyone can install themselves. All you need to do is to decide where to put them. All you need is a game plan to strategize, position, and install your surveillance devices in your house or your workplace. Each person’s property, budget, and home security priorities are different, so there is no such rule as a one-size-fits-all for security cameras. So you need to consider all of these areas and identify where you want to install your hidden outdoor security camera depending upon the vulnerabilities in your home. There are a few vital spots where a security camera installation is important.

On Your Front Door

People usually think that intruders or burglars sneak into houses through side entrances or sidewalls, but statistics show that 34% of these burglars use the main door. A security camera at the main gate or your main entrance helps keep tabs on anyone that comes in and out of your house, whether family members or maintenance people, delivery people, and more. If you’re using video doorbells that could be great for keeping an eye on your front door. You can use these video doorbells as the primary camera.

On Your Back Doors

Back doors are usually out-of-sight and give chance to anyone to enter without being detected, whether they’re invited or not. You should install a hidden camera at the back door to ensure full knowledge of everyone who enters and exits your home, add cameras to your secondary doors as well for maximized security, especially if one of them is used as often as your front door or if it seems enticing.

In Main Stairway or Hallway

One of the vital spots in your main hallway or your staircase. Placing a x in the main thoroughfares inside your home is important, it will be difficult for someone to move about undetected. If someone tries to break into your home through a bathroom, bedroom, or any other unmonitored area, they will still be captured on camera if they try to move about in the house.

In Common Areas Of Your Home:

Installing a security camera in most common points like the kitchen or living room is a great way to keep an eye on everyone especially nannies and to see if the kids are doing what they’re supposed to do, or to look out for pets, or to check on household help. Consider prioritizing any place with large ground-floor windows. That way you can see if anyone tries to break in using these windows and capture them.

In Your Garage Or Driveway:

A security camera that’s pointed at your garage or driveway keeps a watchful eye on bikes, tools, cars, and even on your household help. The camera helps you stay connected especially If your garage is detached. But if the garage is attached, then you have an extra layer of security monitors to protect your home. And if there’s a gate at the end of your driveway, you should install a camera there too, to spot anyone trying to get in your house.

here are some more unique tips to install Hidden Outdoor Security Cameras;

Paint It White or Green

If you plan on installing your camera indoors, where the light environment won't be as consistent, you'll want to paint the camera housing white or green. This will help to ensure that the camera records clear images even in low-light conditions.

Install It In a Tree

One of the best ways to conceal an outdoor security camera is to install it in a tree. Camouflage it by choosing a tree that isn't bare, then mount the camera to a branch. You can even hang leaves from it to give it an extra layer of concealment.

Make It Look Like a Focal Point

Another method for concealing your outdoor security camera is to make it look like a focal point in the landscape. This might be a fountain, a birdhouse, or even a stone statue. In other words, the security camera should blend into its environment instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

Make It Look Like a Fake Camera

Another effective way to disguise an outdoor security camera is by making it look like a fake camera that will fool thieves and criminals. You can buy fake security cameras online or at your local hardware store.

Mount-It to the Roof

If you have a two-story house, you might want to consider mounting your security camera to the roof. This will help to keep it out of reach from potential thieves and vandals.

Mount it to a Wall

If you don't have a two-story house or if you don't want to mount your security camera to the roof, you can always mount it to a wall. Just make sure that it's in a spot where it will be able to capture footage of the entire property.

Mount it to a Pole

Another option for mounting your security camera is to mount it to a pole. This will help to keep it out of reach from potential thieves and vandals.

Install It in a Floodlight Box

If you're looking for an easy and discreet way to install your security camera, consider installing it in a floodlight box. Most floodlight boxes come with a pre-made hole for the security camera to be mounted in.

Install It is a Light Fixture

Another option for installing your security camera is to install it in a light fixture. This will help to keep it out of reach from potential thieves and vandals.

Install It on the Roof

Installing your security camera on the roof will help to keep it out of reach from potential thieves and vandals. However, you'll need to make sure that it's installed away from common rainfall areas like where there are shingles or tiles. This is because water can damage the electronic components and diminish picture quality.

Which outdoor security camera is best?

There are many different outdoor security cameras on the market today. So, which one is the best?

Well, that depends on your needs. If you are looking for a basic camera that will record footage when motion is detected, then a standard security camera like the Nest Cam Outdoor or Canary Flex may be right for you. These cameras are easy to set up and use, and they offer good value for the price.

If you are looking for a more advanced camera that can do things like recognize people and pets, then you may want to consider a camera like the Arlo Pro 2. This camera has many features that other cameras lack, such as two-way audio and night vision.

Ultimately, the best outdoor security camera for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. So, be sure to research your options before making a purchase.

Wrapping Up!

Determining whether or not to install your own security cameras totally depends on the type of cameras and your comfort level. But cameras that you can monitor are pretty easy to install as well so you don’t need any professionals for the installation of cameras. A lot of these cameras operate through Wi-Fi and only need wiring to power their source. Smaller cameras like video doorbells are often powered through batteries, which is even more user-friendly. Installing these security cameras provides a lot of protection to your home and family.

 Now that you have read this article, I would like to conclude by saying that all the information given in this article is really helpful and very easy to follow. It is also clear enough for a person who has never installed such devices before. This process of installing such devices may at times require physical labor; however, it is worth doing so as it can save you from future troubles and thefts. So, go and install it today!