As creepy as it may look, it is legitimate to spy sometimes for your security and protection. As weird as it may sound, sometimes there are legitimate reasons to spy. It is okay to spy on someone, either for the security of your loved ones or for the safety of your home. It may seem difficult to install a surveillance camera, and it also appears to be too easy to locate. However, getting yourself a spycam app can save you from the inconvenience and mistrust.

With the pace in technology, everything is a click away. Today smartphones can be used as your security cameras and keep recorded footage by using spy cam apps. Whether you need to keep an eye on your baby, your precious possessions, or the worker you hired for work, all you need is an installed spy cam app, and you can keep track of everything that happens behind your back.

Spycam Apps for Smartphones

There are several spycam apps available online that can be used as spy cameras on your smartphones. By downloading these apps, you can utilize its amazing features that enable you to look at the desired location through the screen. Let's look at the topmost admired spycam apps for safety and satisfaction.

  • Alfred Security Camera

This spy cam app can be downloaded for Android or iOS and require two devices to work as you spycam. This application is convenient for those having two devices at home. One of these smartphones become the camera and needs to be where the spying is to be done, while the other gadget stays with you to keep track of whatever is happening. 

However, one drawback of this application is that the camera device needs to be plugged in all the times.

  • Background Video Recorder

The background video recorder is an application for android users. The app allows the user to either set the recording time for the future or start recording immediately without any sound. Also, this device is equipped with night mode and can work even when the screen is off. This makes the spycam easily usable with little chances of being caught.

  • Presence

Presence is an application for all smartphone users. It works if you have two working devices at home. One of the gadgets becomes your camera at home, while the other allows the viewer to use it as a security camera. Moreover, presence also detects any slight motions including temperature raising, door opening, water leaking, or any other possibility. The motion detector immediately sends a motion alert notification to the viewer and makes him aware of the situation at home.

  • SP Camera

This smart application works by recording videos and pictures without the slightest possibility of anyone knowing about it. The camera shows fake wallpaper to create an illusion that the phone is at rest. However, the phone at that time can record and click pictures and even change video recording resolution.

  • Salient Eye

This application, as the name suggests, is a salient eye to whatever is happening around it. The device works for android smartphones. This application turns your mobile phone into a security camera. It records videos and pictures along with other amazing features including motion sensors, motion alert notification, and auto-capture technology.

  • Dormi

This application is perfect for monitoring your baby when you are not around. Dormi works as a baby monitor by keeping a check on every activity of the baby. Just by plugging the device into the wall, you can see the video recording of your baby. Moreover, it also functions to send you automatic alerts when the baby wakes up or when it senses any other unexpected motion. What's more? This application plays a lullaby when your baby wakes up to distract him/her from the crying episode and help them sleep again in peace.

  • Manything

This application is pretty much alike the salient eye, except the fact that it can be used for Apple users only. This smart spycam makes your phone a spying camera. By setting the application on, it records all the details without the slightest possibility of anybody finding it out. Moreover, it is also equipped with motion sensors to locate any unexpected motion in the house.

 Thus, looking at the list of the best spy cam applications for your smartphone, you can select the one that suits your needs. Remember that the safety of your home and loved ones is very important, and this spycam application is the most convenient way to give yourself a feeling of contentment and satisfaction.