Security cameras have become a necessity and a great addition to any house, office, or surroundings. They are best for the surveillance purposes of the possessions and keep intruders away. They are best to record everything and in case of any situations such as accidents, thefts, meetings, etc. Not only this, even it’s a great way to monitor everything that takes place when you are not there in the situation. The live security feeds can also be accessed from laptops and cell phones that show real-time footage from the cameras. The security cameras record the footage and also have playback options that can be kept saved for months. Some systems have facial recognition even is beneficial for surveillance setups.

Fixing the security cameras at any place is not a difficult job. All you need to set up the cameras, power them up, and hook them to the DVR. These days, DIY security camera systems are available in the market which has made it even easier. But it is best to hire a professional to set up the system. The major problem while setting up the security camera system is not to fix it but to hide or disguise the camera wires. It ruins the aesthetic and poses a security threat as well. In case, the wires are visible, one can easily cut them off while standing at a blind spot which results in disruptions in the smooth flow of camera workings. So, it’s highly necessary to keep the camera wires hidden while installing a security camera.

In case you are willing to set up a security camera system yourself, we have a few workable ways for you to hide security camera wires:-

Way # 1:- Shade the wires to match the walls

This is one of the best and simple ways to keep the security camera wires safe on the outside. Clip the wires neatly in a way that they do not mingle or tangle with each other. Shade them with the same color as the background wall. This will be the best way to improve security and to make it look good and safe from the intruder’s eye. Now, you can even have flat cables for the cameras that can be flush along the wall and become invisible to the eye when shaded to match the wall.


Way # 2:- Plastic tubing for the wires

This is one of the best but most complicated methods. It involves all plastic tubes through the wall. After doing it, pass the wire through it to the point you have fixed the security camera. Therefore, hiding wire would be the best option. A plastic tube can easily hide the cable and keep it protected from all sorts of external damages such as weather, intruders, and pets of course. The only problem that exists is, these wires are difficult to access at times when an emergency occurs. So, a professional is needed for managing the situation.

Way # 3:- Hide the Wires inside the False Ceiling

You can hide the cables through the false ceiling in the house and go fully untraceable. Analyze the gap on the top of the ceiling and insert the wires through it. Even for making the security systems more secure one can hide the security cameras inside the walls. You can also drill holes in the wall and can install the cameras carefully. Make sure not to ruin the wall with extra drilling. You may have to consider installing the power outlet or the DVR on the outer side of the wall.

Way # 4:- Inter the Cables inside your Porch or Garden

Here we have another option of burying the cable which involves a lot of labor to make it possible. The best way of doing so is to get the cables buried during construction. By doing so there will be no mess afterward. This means the cables can easily be buried and hidden for a long.

Way # 5:-Build a Cable Run through the building

This is a process that requires professionals for doing so. A cable run needs to be built around the house or building using plastic pipes, covers, and drilling holes inside the walls. One can also make mounts for the cameras and other associated systems as well. At the completion phase of the structure, it’s far easy to set up the security system. In this setup, the wires are run through the cable run that ensures that they are endangered from external forces and are hidden as well.

Way # 6:- Get a Wireless Security Camera System

An easy way to get rid of wires is by buying a wireless security camera. Such wireless cameras either come with batteries or with solar-based charger systems. You can easily mount the camera at any favorable spot you want to and can power them up easily. The wireless camera setups can easily be connected to the hub as well. No doubt, wireless security cameras are more expensive than wired ones. But over time they are being affordable to buy. Besides, it’s worth buying them because they save the hassle of running the wiring through the house to cover them.

Way # 7:- Pass cables through conduits

Passing the cables through conduits ensures the safety of rats and electrical hazards. It is one of the most prone ways to mice attacks even professionals would be needed for doing so. It is a comprehensive process where you have to run cables through plastic pipes and covers. Initially, the setups seem difficult to do so, but once it’s started you go with the flow to finish the whole process.

Way # 8:- Hide the Wires inside the Baseboards

Hiding the wires inside the baseboards is probably the tidiest way to conceal your wires. The baseboards run through the wall at the bottom. Most of the baseboards can be easily be removed. By removing them, one can run the cables through the gap in the wall and floor. After doing so, you can easily put the baseboard back, and voila!

Way# 9:- Buy wires of the same colors as the background

Try to find the wires of the same color as the background where you have planned to mount the security camera. Because sometimes it becomes difficult to paint the wires before using them. Camera wires come in various colors so it would be easy for you to match them with the wall background color.

Way# 10:- Mount the decorative pieces and hangings along the wire

For keeping the wires out of the sight of intruders. You can hide the wires by mounting various decorative hangings or pieces along the wires. This would show up the hangings instead of wires at first glimpse and will keep you safe from the show-up of a security camera.

Way# 11:- Hide the wires behind plants or shrubs.

One of the easiest ways to hide security camera wires is to camouflage them with plants or shrubs. Try to place taller plants in front of shorter plants so that the wires are hidden from view. You can also use vines to cover up the wire. Just be sure to trim the vines regularly so they don’t obscure the camera’s view.

Way# 12:- Run the wires along the roofline.

If you have a roofline, you can run the security camera wires along it to hide them from view. This method is particularly effective if your home has an eave or overhang. Just be sure to insulate the wires so they cannot cause damage.

Way# 13:- Drill a hole in the stucco or brick exterior of your home and use caulk to hold the wires in place.

Hiding security camera wires against a stucco or brick wall is easy: drill a hole at the point where you want to hide your wires and push the wires through it. Use a caulk gun to cover anything sticking out of the hole.

Way# 14:- Hide wires behind fake rocks or landscape stones.

Use fake rocks or landscape stones to cover up security cameras against stucco or brick walls. Just be sure to place fake rocks or stones that match the color of your home’s exterior.

Way# 15 Tape or staple wires to the backside of a doorframe.

If you have an opening in your exterior wall near your door, you can run the security camera wires behind it. Tape or staple the wires to the backside of the doorframe so they’re hidden from view.

Way# 16:- Hang a picture or mirror over the wires.

If you have a section of wall where you can run the security camera wires, hang a picture or mirror over them to hide them from view. Just be sure to use a frame that matches the color of the wall.

How do I protect my outdoor camera security wires?

Criminals know how vulnerable security camera wires are and will go to great lengths to try and destroy them.

The most common method used is chewing, which when done with any significant severity usually renders the camera useless. There are some effective ways in which you can protect your security camera wires from chewers.

Firstly, be sure that the wire criminals who know what they are doing can quickly and easily disable your security camera, leading to a vulnerability in your home security. This is why it is important to take some preventative steps to protect your wires from being destroyed.

There are many ways to protect your security camera wiring, but the most common methods are as follows:

1) Cable protectors: these are plastic or rubber sleeves that you can place over the wires to protect them from chewers and other damage.

2) Wire mesh: you can wrap the wires in a wire mesh to protect them from being chewed.

3) Concealment: if you can’t protect the wires, then you criminals know that security camera wires are an easy target, so it is important to take some preventative steps to protect them from being destroyed.


By following the above ways one can be able to conceal their security setup wires with ease. It’s good to hire a professional to do the setup and is highly recommended as well.

These are just a few of the many ways you can hide security camera wires outside your home. With a little creativity and some handy DIY skills, you can conceal those unsightly wires and keep your home’s exterior looking neat and tidy.

The criminals know how vulnerable security camera wires are and will go to great lengths to try and destroy them. The most common method used is chewing, which when done with any significant severity usually renders the camera useless. There are some effective ways mentioned in which you can protect your security camera wires from chewers.