In this era of technology where we feel everything should be connected to the internet or remotely accessible, at the same time we see that there are aa lot of pros of the gadgets and equipment which do not have WIFI or internet connectivity. Where we think that a security camera without WIFI would be obsolete technology, that is not the case. They have been advancing in technology and quality along with the other products being developed. Security camera without WIFI is considered to be safer in terms of privacy and easier in usage. The security camera's that are continued on the traditional style of being connected with devices to store and cannot be accessed over a cellphone or laptop has the ability to maintain privacy, as the ones with a WIFI connection are prone to hackers and different viruses that can be spread in the system quite easily.

However, there are certain purposes that cannot be achieved without WIFI, taking the example of nanny cam we see that the purpose is to provide with footage or live coverage which is easily accessible over the phone. This lets the caretaker have a look in the room under observation without sweat and makes things convenient for all. While, where we look into the detail of cameras with WIFI in offices or professional environments, privacy is a big concern. When the camera system has WIFI connectivity, it is more prone to dangers such as hacking and misuse as technology can easily be used to manipulate this technology. In this scenario we can conclude that the cameras without WIFI can provide the same quality of output without having the risks associated with it, they are cheaper in price as well as compared to the same specification camera with WIFI. 

There are other cameras that can have great functionality with WIFI or even without WIFI. Taking the example of dash cams, we see that there is a benefit of having WIFI connectivity for data transfer of controlling the camera without limitations of range or distance.  When it comes to dahs cams without WIFI, they are equally good they just need to be connected with a device through a wire to transfer data or they can only be controlled physically with an IR remote or through buttons on the camera. Whatever the case may be, if there is WIFI or if there is no WIFI in the dashcam, the best dash cam is considered to be the one with the best image quality, good battery life and since it is a dashcam so the image stability or the capturing stability of the camera matters a lot.

It is debatable that a camera without a WIFI is not as good as a camera with a WIFI connection. What needs to be understood is that what is the purpose of the camera, and then it can be decided whether WIFI is necessary or just an add on. As mentioned above there are scenarios where a camera without WIFI proves to be better and safer, in another setting we see that nanny cams without WIFI are almost considered useless and when we look at another category of cameras we see that it does not matter much whether a camera has WIFI or not in case of dash cams. There are physical and online stores that can help an individual decide that what camera would suit their needs the most, the customer just needs to make sure that it is a reliable brand with an up to date technology.