Very soon, everyone will soon need an outdoor camera for security and monitoring since a majority of people today is more concerned about the safety of their property and most importantly their lives. Therefore, it will be important for anyone interested in these outdoor hidden cameras to note what to consider before attempting buying a pair. For your quality assurance, here are some few considerations to look out.

Camera Selection

Before you begin with your setup, think about the type of outdoor camera you will need, and make sure it does satisfies the purpose for your installation. Take into consideration the ability of the camera to capture and pick up the number of license plates of any intruder around your home surroundings from a far distance or enough landscape. This simply means your camera should be able to zoom manually. The megapixel and lens size of your outdoor camera also plays another big role when dealing with camera selection, also be aware that the higher number of megapixels; the less you’ll have to zoom-in on any camera.

Camera Placements And Positioning

Most criminals or intruders will try at most to avoid facial recognition from your security camera, so placements do play an important role when installing an outdoor security camera. A strategic place to best place your camera for security is just before the entrance to your home, to be precise; that will be along your driveway porch. Mind you, this only works with a strong camera, in order words, you have to find a perfect camera and porch light to fit together so that it doesn’t look too suspicious but rather discrete for your perfect set up.

Cloud Storage

This is the best way to be safe while using an outdoor camera for security and monitoring purposes. Cloud storage is essential for your setup because if any intruder steals your outdoor camera, your footage is not physically stolen from the hard drive of your computer. Even if a thief steals your Camera, with cloud storage available, you’ll have every back up file stored on your camera. A perfect app would take less than a minute to pick up the footage and store up to the cloud with a check.

Amazon cloud should be a perfect choice for your cloud storage because it has unlimited storage capacity and does have one of the cheapest subscription fees. Just download O-Drive free and set the storage folder with the software to the new O-Drive folder and O-Drive will remain as the free version.

Connectivity With Smart Devices

You have to consider the connectivity rate of your outdoor camera with other smart devices like PCs and Macs. IP cameras are perfect for this, they are usually plugged directly into your computer’s network, and likewise, they are easy to manage. IP cameras do enables you to store up all your video on a cloud instead of a DVR or NVR that a thief can easily steal. Consequently, it is more sensible to opt for wireless cameras when dealing with connectivity, but be careful not to bug down your Wi-Fi connectivity.

Software Selection

Look out for software that works with most IP cameras, and can synchronize with other type of spy cameras like spy pen camera as well. Some software enables you to record with motion detection perfectly and allows you to set up your security cameras with ease. An ideal choice of software should have time stamping functionality available just in case you want to make use of your recorded video as evidence, usable in the court of law.

In addition, best software for outdoor hidden cameras should be the type that stores your file immediately up to cloud, such that if you’re anywhere around the world, you’ll be able to view your camera, provided there is availability of network connection. Finally, make sure you’re subscribing for a one time purchaseand also can synchronize with both desktop and mobile as well.

Make Sure To Verify Its An Outdoor Camera

If you don’t want to pack up and dump your camera after the first day it rains, then you must have to select an outdoor camera that is resistant to harsh weather conditions. Examples of roughed cameras for your outdoor surveillance include the Netatmo Outdoor security Camera, Zetronix Outdoor Camera and the Arlo Pro 2. These cameras do have the potentials of having an HD image quality, superb night vision, pan/tilt and zoom-out functionality, and they do connect to mobile devices as well.

So that is it, other things that may be considered important may include; the installation procedures and logging in to your router. This you can always get done by employing an expert in the field to help you get everything come together.