Watch as balaclava-clad thief caught out by parked car's dashcam


A brazen thief wearing a balaclava has been caught red-handed breaking into a car in Colwyn Bay broad daylight.

The thief is seen walking down Woodland Park, pulling a balaclava over his face, and using an object to break into the grey Mercedes car.

The man then leans into the driver’s seat, picks something up and then walks swiftly off. The man who is seen wearing black top, trousers and white gloves, took just 15 seconds to carry out the break in. The owner of the car Marcus Astle, says the thief managed to steal just £8 in loss change.

Marcus, 23, who runs his own driving school, said: “It’s cost me £100 to claim off my insurance but my no claims bonus is fine.

“I’m annoyed about the money to fix the car, the money I’ve lost taking today off work and also my dad’s had to hire a car as he was supposed to use mine later on this afternoon.”


The footage of the man was taken from Marcus’s father’s car which was parked in front.

Marcus added: “No harm came to me or anything it’s just a car at the end of the day I have no idea why he did it all I know is some cash was missing from my car.”

A police spokeswoman said: “Enquiries are ongoing, no arrests have been made.”