A trusted nanny working for a Long Island family was in jail Friday afternoon, after allegedly being caught on video burning a young child in her care with a heated curling iron.

The crime was caught on a nanny cam installed in the child’s playroom.

The woman in the video is seen touching the curling iron to make sure it is hot as the boy hunches face down with his knees beneath his abdomen.

The boy flinches when the woman applies the iron to his foot. She then goes for his hand.

The boy — Alexander “Xander” Persuad of Baldwin, who will soon turn 3 — was left feeling pain that no toddler should have to go through. Red, raw burn marks had been visible on the skin of his hand and leg.

Police said the nanny – Nosipho Nxumalo, 21 –used the curling iron as a weapon to punish and discipline Xander.

Nosipho Nxumalo

Nosipho Nxumalo, 21, is accused of burning a toddler in her care with a curling iron in Baldwin. (Credit: Nassau County Police)

“She pulled out the curling iron several times. She heated it up,” said the victim’s mother, Angela Persaud. “You see her showing him that it’s going to be hot, and, ‘I’m going to use it on you.’ You see her yelling at him. You see her grab him a few times.”

The nanny, who lives in Harlem, was arrested and charged with assault, endangerment, and criminal possession of a weapon. She told a judge she is innocent.

Alexander’s parents, Steve and Angela, were at work at the time of the incident. When they got to their Baldwin home, they described their son whimpering that the nanny hurt him with an iron.

The cries prompted them to check the nanny cam.

“It took my husband and me a while to get pregnant in the first place, and he is honestly a gift to us, and I’ve done everything I could possibly do — at least thought I did — to ensure that he has the best life possible, right?” Angela Persaud said, “And to know I allowed someone onto my house who was basically torturing my son for a full hour.”

The Persaud family hired the nanny through Jericho-based Mom’s Helper Inc. The company boasts on its website that its staff are all honest, loving, trustworthy, and caring.

The owner of Mom’s Helper explained the accused nanny does not work for her, and that the company is merely a placement agency responsible for introductions.

Xander’s parents said they want the nanny fired from the agency and never able to work around children again.

-From CBS News