Parents watch nurse beating special needs son on nanny cam

A California mom was faced with every parent’s worst nightmare when she tuned into her nanny cam app. To her horror, Dyanna Ko saw the family’s nurse beating her 2-year-old son who has special needs at their Redondo Beach home. The nurse, Thelma Manalastas, was caring for the boy, who suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, while his parents attended their other son’s basketball game.

The 2-year-old is non-verbal and requires 24-hour care, according to his parents. Ko and her husband were 20 minutes away from their home when they watched the brutal scene unfolding via their mobile app. The footage showed Manalastas hitting the toddler several times and attacking him with a rolled-up magazine.

They called police who responded to the home and arrested Manalastas.

“I just feel like as his parents, we failed him, because we left someone to take care of him,” Ko said.

The family has filed a lawsuit against Manalastas and the home healthcare company she was employed by, Maxim Healthcare Services.

“Upon learning of this incident, we conducted an investigation that resulted in the termination of Ms. Manalastas’ employment with Maxim. We have notified the California Board of Nursing and will continue to fully cooperate with the authorities as they investigate this matter,” Maxim Healthcare Services said in a statement to CBS.