One of the safety devices that can keep you safe, monitor your properties, your daily activities and keep you safe on the road without having to pay is a Dash Cam. Putting yourself in the best position where you no longer worry about worrisome thoughts can be achieved through the use of a pair of a black device with small monitors. Coming in different types and forms, Dash cam is made to serve similar purposes. Manufactures like, from different countries of the world manufacture this device to fit vehicle standards, flexible and compatible as they come along.

 Dash Cam, dashboard camera, car DVR or car black box is an onboard camera inbuilt into the vehicle that continuously records the view through the vehicle's windscreen. It may be attached to the top of the dashboard or the interior windscreen of the vehicle.

Dash Cam can be fit into vehicles as a recorder, Road safety monitor, fraudsters and corrupt road users monitor. After mounting the camera on the dashboard, these digital device records the driver’s journey once the car is started and moving. Dash Cam is also known to record audio until its limited flash storage is full.

 Installing a Dash cam into your vehicle can be as easy as fixing your antenna; with the provided professional assistance, your vehicle is as good as safe. After you have gone through the different kinds of Dash cam; you can rest assured these five reasons why your vehicle shouldn't be without a Dash cam;


Vehicle telematics is a system of obtaining tracked information from a Dash camera. It is the integrated use of telecommunications and informatics for application in vehicles on the move; this information includes emergency warning system for vehicles, GPS navigation, integrated hands-free cell phones while driving and wireless safety communications and automatic driving assistance system.etc.


Many accidents that occur on the road could have ended up ghastly and not fatal, and the culprits wouldn't be home and dry without justice. Video footage can provide the perfect mechanism to stop these careless drivers on their track and on timely get help to the accident scene before things get worst.  There are many ways to report the unscrupulous acts of a drunk driver with strong proof of what happened through the video recorder from a dash cam.


Footage from dashboard camera recorders can be an educational tool and used effectively in driving training lessons. This video effectively shows the don'ts and also advises and offers relevant education on safe driving.


Insurance companies have had a hard time finding out who exactly caused an accident; the extent to which they ought to discount for damages. A black box inserted installed in the cam tracks key parameters of the journey. This data will be transferred to the Insurer who then regulates the premium rate.


Parents worry whenever their Teens use their cars out; Statistics have recorded that 'a great number of teenage death occurred due to irresponsible driving leading mostly from distractions''. To find out whether the teens are responsible behind the wheels, the camera footage will provide you with that information. As you keep them under watch, you keep them in sanction.

Your journey can be as safe and awesome as your advent, having the most fun filling moments on records; capturing magical moments and natures visuals to share with friends.

Owning a Dash Cam is equivalent to owning your share of a better and safer life.