How Can You Record Videos with Your Key-chain? The Video Recording Key chain

The video recording keychain- although pretty new is definitely taking the surveillance landscape by storm. Thanks to this device, you have a spy video camera that is effective and also functional.

Below are some of the major advantages that you stand to gain from king use of the video recording keychain:


The portability of the video recording keychain is definitely one of the most important features that you can expect from it. As stated earlier, it is shaped like a keychain. This means that you will have absolutely no issues with carrying it around and moving easily the keychain is very portable and you will find this characteristic especially useful when you need to record images.


The video recording keychain also promises a certain level of convenience and flexibility. Apart from its portability, its convenience means that you will be able to make use of it whenever you feel like. There are no special operating processes or procedures, and basically, everything has been made easier for you

On the flexibility part, you will still be able to use this tool as a normal keychain. If you will like to easily mask it and camouflage it, all you have to do is to attach it to your keys and it will have the look and aesthetic property of a keychain. When the situation calls for it, all you have to do is get it opened and you can record as many videos as you want.

Effective recording:

The video recording keychain is a revolution in the surveillance technology landscape, and it provides effective recording, even for a device as small as it is. Essentially, you can rest assured that this tool is never going to let you down when it matters.

Sharp video quality:

Just as a disclaimer, it is important that you not let the small size of this device fool you or trick you into not buying it. It might be small, but u can rest assured that this device is just as capable as the bigger and larger spy cameras that were designed by household names. Its video quality sharp, and you will definitely have no issues with recognizing faces when you are making reviews of your tapes later.