We're in a society of plastic and convenient shopping. The days of "Dodgy Dan's Emporium of Spurious Imports" are passed memory, replaced with the clean convenience of online-based comfort and ease purchasing. Then again, you can pretty much use your parents' or partner's credit details to purchase anything online from night vision goggles to spy camera glasses.

Spy Camera Glasses

Spy camera glasses are fixtures of spy movies. The only thing more disturbing than the fact that they're used in daily life is the possibility that there is enough corresponding demand to warrant what seems to be a sizeable international market for it. Rather than being the reserve of some backwoods survivalist group, a quick Google search will throw up any number of physical and online-based outlets where anyone in practically any country can purchase a set of spy camera glasses. These spy camera glasses can be set anywhere from $50 for the schoolboy spy-on-the-girls-in-gym-class variety to thousands of dollars for the covert, high-grade, Special Forces military specification version that makes one feel like having computers installed in the cornea. A cornea spy camera glasses can either be a T-1000 Terminator or an MI6 agent.

Now More than Fiction

Spy camera glasses do fit in an exciting place in the evolution of gadgets and widgets, from fantasy spy fiction right up with Maxwell Smart's "shoe-phone" to real-life, not-to-leave-home-without essential secret agent device. Spy camera glasses hold a similar position in the world of modern-day popular culture in many ways such as video conferencing, remote satellite surveillance imaging, video telephones, and even the now small mobile phone.

In some decades ago, spy camera glasses were regarded as nothing more than childish fancies. The first time people came across the idea of a videophone conference was in a Disney comic circa the 1980s. Where it was featured via the new "fan-dangled crackpot invention" - a TV screen with the small camera built into the top casing connected to a mobile phone. Today, People can talk via the webcam/microphone device built into the top of laptop screen. Back then, the back pages of the same comic featuring ads for zit-makers, switchblade combs, sea monkeys, x-ray specs, and of course, some practical joke are spy camera glasses.

The Fashionable Spy

Spy camera glasses may have been fiction some years ago, but they're not the fodder for books and comics anymore. These spy camera glasses evolved so much over the years that can now be found in any colour and style. Most spy camera glasses on the market currently would look perfect at home on an Olympic speed skater or a gold medal-winning sailboard rider. Sure, they were cool back in the late eighties and even the early nineties, but a pair of these spy camera glasses is probably not going to help men invisibility to keep them under cover and out of danger. Remember, when it comes to spying camera glasses or any glasses for the matter, designs first - function later!