Babysitting has become a successful route for career mothers to keep their babies under closed and careful monitoring environment. Research has shown a great percentage of babysitters and they have helped to save the jobs of a lot of women in the corporate world and other demanding career fields.

Nanny Cam is legal; though you would break the video surveillance law if you locate the camera in private areas like your baby sitter’s bathroom or your nanny’s bedroom to monitor them. A few things to consider before getting a suitable nanny camera will involve;


Should the Nanny Cam be hidden or exposed?

The visibility of your nanny cam will be up to you; your decision to expose the Cam in any location of the house is up to you. Hidden Nanny Cam is usually disguised in something else, like a clock, a book or a toy and used to record a given location.


The features of which a good Cam should come with

It is very important to spend your money on quality as many Cams do not possess features that are most needful and reliable; so a good research will do a lot of good. When getting your findings, these features should be in check:

Power source

One kind of Nanny Cam is the battery powered ones which run on rechargeable battery packs; another kind is the AC powered device which draws their power directly from the outlet. These video cameras are known to last far better than others. The AC powered nanny cam will be a preferable pick for monitoring and recording.


High definition is a video format that gives you more clarity and details; though the cost is higher, its storage space is worth more.


Nanny cameras with audio devices will enable you to listen and speak with your kids and your babysitter whenever you feel necessary.


This feature allows live coverage video, unlike others.

Motion involvement

Motion alerts enable you awareness whenever motion occurs since your eyes are not always on your PC or Smartphone.


How could your Nanny react?

The major reason why parents decide to install a nanny cam is to keep a close watch on their nanny’s performance, by this they expect them to deliver. Many Nannies do not mind the use of a camera as long as their rights are respected. Privacy from your Nanny as well as guarded legality should be kept on your own part.


Share good memories with a baby

I met a Custom accountant who had a babysitter for nearly two years; after she got her Nanny camera installed, she shared with me how much she felt at home while in the office with her PC, every moment she shared with her baby and his nanny. To her, she never missed a moment with her baby; his smiles, laughter and even watching him sleep. She also confused how much bound her nanny and she had improved.


Babysitting can be much more fun for both the parents and Nanny. Making the right choices will be dependent on your decision to get a suitable Nanny Cam for your babysitter