Spycams devices are considered to be a hit among all people around. If it is hidden cameras or hidden camera glasses, people get entertained by them fully. Nowadays, hidden camera glasses are known as a trend. It is because people would be able to walk anywhere and record what they watch without even knowing by anyone.

Whereas, nanny cam is known as a security camera device that would keep an eye on the children and the caretakers too. It is helpful when the parents have to go for work then they can use nanny cam for their children to check what their children are up to and keep an eye on the caretaker too. 

Hidden camera glasses are quite expensive, so you need to research their qualities while buying the best-hidden camera glass.

  1. What is the best spy camera glasses?

The best spy camera glasses are as follow:

  • Senluo Camera.
  • Miota Wide Angle.
  • Snapchat Spectacles.
  • Yaoawe Goggles.
  • Moultrie HD.
  • WiseUp Mini DV, etc.
  1. Are spy glasses good?

Yes, because the hidden camera glasses have the great optical quality of lenses. They enhance the normal things and reduce glare, enhance color, or contrast. It helps to increase the clarity of the video and audio recording. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 6 things that you need to consider while buying the best-hidden camera glasses.

  1. Hoverwatch

While using hidden camera glasses, you need to focus on Hoverwatch. It is because using spy hidden camera glasses, you have to follow someone to spy on them actively. That is time-consuming and shattering. Whereas hoverwatch can be used remotely and it is quite effective.

While using hoverwatch, you would be able to track your target’s messages, location, internet activation, etc.

The best benefit of using Hoverwatch over spy glasses is the collection of the data. Hoverwatch can collect a lot of data from the target’s device for you to have the view.

  1. Liquid Image Apex

The next thing that you need to look while buying a hidden camera glass is liquid image apex. This is known popular among snowboarders and it is a top pair of hidden camera glasses. You can record videos with the built-in HD cameras at 1080P or 720P best video quality. 

This camera would have a wide field of view of 135 degrees and has a built-in microphone. Whereas you don’t have to worry about the distorted audio, it is because the microphone has a wind-guard. 

Another best quality of Liquid image apex glasses is their feed live-streamed to smartphones via Wi-Fi. But it has a small storage capacity so you need to check your recording abilities and delete the unwanted videos for limited recording capacity. 

  1. Ultra Wide-Angle DVR Glasses

The next quality that you need to check for hidden camera glasses is Ultra wide-angle DVR glasses that are quite expensive. These glasses will provide a lot of recording storage. With the help of these glasses, you would be able to record videos in 1080P quality, and whereas, the battery lasts around 90 minutes. Furthermore, it has 8GB of internal storage where you can expand up to 64GB if required. 

  1. Fast Action Sport glasses

The quality in these glasses is that it can record at 720) resolution and can be used for taking pictures as well as videos too. It has a microphone, where you can record audio. But only 4GB of recording capacity is available in these glasses.                                             

  1. Pivothread Durango

Another impressive attraction in these hidden camera glasses is the 1080P video quality and the blue tint on the lenses. The camera has an 8 megapixels’ lens and it records about 30 FPS. They are brilliantly used for sports, irrespective of what you are purchasing, they are considered a great pair of glasses.

  1. Wosports Video camera glasses

The best option for hidden camera glasses, if you are on a budget, it is considered as Wosports Video Camera glasses. It is quite inexpensive, its price range is about $66, it is worth much more.

The best benefit of these glasses is that they have a built-in rechargeable battery which takes a time of about 90 minutes, records videos at 720P video quality. It helps to provide UV protection. It has the most brilliant stylish finish and flexibility that make it more popular for beginners. 


Hopefully, you would find it interesting while reading the above-mentioned details. The top 6 things to consider while buying the best-hidden camera glasses are as follow: 

  • Hoverwatch
  • Liquid Image Apex
  • Ultra Wide-Angle DVR Glasses
  • Fast Action Sport glasses
  • Pivothread Durango
  • Wosports Video camera glasses

If you find any confusion related to the explanation mentioned above, you can feel free to ask. We are always here to provide the best details for your better understanding.