Top 5 Types of Spy Cameras You Should Know About

A spy camera is of different types, with each type being in charge of various functions. However, the following are some of the most important variations that are on the market day:

Hidden Cams:

Hidden cams, just like their name suggests, are spy cameras that are able to perform the discretionary job of surveillance without any stress. The major advantage of this type of spy cam is the fact that with it, you won’t have any issues with hiding and camouflaging. Prospective criminals will definitely not be able to spot these cameras, and this means they will be able to work even more effectively with little or no interference.

Car cams:

Car cams are usually used by police officers. Also known by many as dash cams, car cams are usually put on the dashboards of cars and they help provide surveillance and video footage of the events that occur in cars. Anyone who has any cause to keep tabs on the occurrences of their cars can make use of car cams but as stated earlier they are usually used by police and law enforcement officers.

Wi-Fi cams:

Wi-Fi cams are pretty tricky. These are not your typical, everyday spy camera but the truth is that they work just as effectively as a spy camera. With Wii-Fi cameras, all you need to do is place the camera set in a specific place and you will be able to get your video streamed directly to your device. However, it is also essential that you get this camera to a place where the Wi-Fi capability is strong and able to accommodate the needs of the cam itself. Otherwise, you will find some difficulty in working with this camera.

Night vision cams:

If you have an assignment in the pitch black night and you need to provide effective video surveillance, then night vision cams are definitely the perfect tools for you. These are usual spy cams, but their retrofit makes them effective for recording at night. Night vision cameras are definitely effective surveillance tools, and their best use is usually most manifested in times of serious darkness.

Glasses cams:

These are some of the most innovative cameras in the world today. Essentially, they comprise of glasses that have been fit into a pair of gasses.

Talk about innovation!