No doubt in today's life robberies, mobile snatching, and likewise other severe crimes are boosting the environment. In developed countries, many actions have been made to prevent themselves from these life-threatening problems. Trespassing is also a rising issue among all of us.

For sure we all see our homes to be safe places. We cannot consider any other place safer than our own home because it is a place where we use to spend most of our hours. So we cannot doubt loving our homes. We all have been living in it since we were born. Automatically loving this place is a sacred truth. Our parents and even most of us have struggled hard for purchasing these homes so the security of our homes is also obvious.

Sometimes it seems to be impossible for us to look after our home all the time and if you are a single person it becomes nothing but a challenge for you to protect your home. Before leaving your home you have to ensure that your home is safe and no one is trespassing.

Preventing you from these life and trespassing hazards we are going to discuss how you can abstain people from trespassing on your property including some video surveillance signs that will facilitate you in this regard.

Mini surveillance cameras

If you need full proof and tight security for your home so imposing a camera outside or even inside your home is a perfect idea. These surveillance cameras can be installed in front of your entrance gate, lawns, or every other place from where you can keep an eye every time. It is also fruitful in this way that you can see all the footage and recording of the camera even if you are in a place far away from your home. These types of cameras are perfect for home and office surveillance. We have a list of cameras present in the market which can be installed for security purposes.

Spy Cameras

Spy cameras are among the best and favorable range of hidden cameras. We can name spy cameras as mini surveillance cameras. It is very easy to fit these types of cameras. It is a type of wireless camera that is used for security purposes especially to keep an eye on a person secretly. These small-sized cameras can easily be fitted in some


hush-hush places where no one can detect them. It works in total silence without making any type of noise so it is almost impossible to detect this type of camera. It is so adjustable that you can keep it secretly in a vase, under a table, inside a cap of a pen, between your books shelf, and in many other secret places. It will facilitate you completely and make you relaxed for the safety of your home.

The recording through your hidden camera can be used later for court purposes like in the form of evidence that can prove anyone's innocence. Many of the hidden cameras have the ability of wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. You can also connect your small camera with your device to check the ongoing or previous records.

Extend your relations

Extending your relations with your neighbors and other people who you think can help you out in emergencies is also the best way to deal with these types of situations. As many people will know you automatically your helping criteria will also be broadened. On a holiday or getting in or out of your place if you see your neighbor try to greet them well. When everything becomes on a normal track. Talk to them about some security plans and let them know that you care for their property boundaries and security. Tell them that you also predict the same from them. This will enhance your relations with your neighbors and it is possible in leisure time that they will keep an eye on your property too. In your absence, if they feel something abnormal regarding your place so as their moral duty they will inform you, and then you could easily overcome that situation.

Making a boundary line around your place

A helpful way to keep people away from your property is by making a boundary around your place. It is a common trend to make a borderline by planting small plants and little bushes. Which not only makes your place more beautiful and attractive but also differentiates it from other properties. It also has the advantage that your place will be protected from the eyes of strangers. It becomes unable for them to look into your place. Also, the small plants and shrubs give your place a fresh look. You can also take help from the logs of fallen trees. If you think that these logs will disturb your lawn's beauty so you can paint or make other designs on it which can assist the logs to look beautiful and can stop anyone from entering your place. In the morning you can visit this delightful little garden and inhale some fresh air inside you which can make your soul fresh and you can have a fabulous day full of happiness.

Setting up private property and no trespassing signs

This is not a thing we can say differently but no doubt it must be more helpful for you to prevent your place from the trespassing of people. If there are no signs like no trespassing or private property so people may enter into your property in your absence and can misuse your things. If you have placed such signs and then anyone has forcefully entered your place so it will be a police case. You can report to police that someone has entered your place without your permission which is illegal and unlawful. Then that person should be punished legally by the police. Imposing these signs may be more effective and it may avoid trespassing at your place.

Getting a Dog for security

For security purposes, you can have a dog who will look after your place in your absence. Dogs who are kept for security purposes are too drastic. They don't let anyone look at your place. If someone tries forcefully to enter inside your place the dog will deal with that person very harshly. The dog has the skill to play on its own and will prevent your place in any case. Dogs are well-known for their faithful and devoted nature. So why not you get a dog and test his faithfulness and loyalty. This will also save the money that you are giving to your security guard to secure your place. The dog will fulfill all your requirements without anycast and happily without any argument.

Install a fence


Installing a chain-link fence clears the boundaries of your property and protects your place from strangers. It does not allow any other person to wander in your area without your permission. If someone attempts to cut, try to come inside by climbing or by any other way. That person must be handed over to the police for the attempt to enter anyone's place without permission and must be punished harshly.

Motion-activated sprinkler

The purpose of a motion-activated sprinkler is not to water your plants or have a fresh look at your lawn. It is designed in this way to prevent your place from unwanted visitors, naughty kids of neighbors(who often come and destroy your beautiful lawn), and trespassers. Set this sprinkler at a perfect angle and then place a sign of warning to get away from it. It will be a simple step to get rid of trespassers.

When anyone will step on this little sprinkler a beam of water droplets will come out of it suddenly which can easily scare anyone and devastate that person's decent look. Maybe adults will not be scared of this gadget but as adults are very conscious of their looks so they must not desire to disturb their dashing look. In this way, they will try to get away from your place rather than getting wet and dirty with this motion-activated sprinkler.

As the use of spy and surveillance cameras is common. People are worried about the use of camera warning signs. Don't worry if you are going to place a security camera inside or outside of your place. You don't need to put up a sign. You can freely use a camera for security purposes but in private places like the washrooms and bedrooms, the use of these cameras must be abolished. In this way, it can disturb the privacy of others. If you see someone ambiguous so don't panic and don't hesitate to ask for help. Taking help from a known person is not obvious. In an emergency, you can take help from any stranger.

Where do you put video surveillance signs?

It's highly recommended to put them near your entrances and exits, as well as any other high-traffic areas around your property. You may also want to place them near any areas where valuable possessions are kept. Other good locations include garages, sheds, and any other location where intruders might try to access your property.

What does 24 hours surveillance mean?

mining vigilant and keeping an eye on your property 24 hours a day is the most effective way to deter criminals and prevent theft or vandalism. Most security systems cannot guarantee this level of constant protection, but a good surveillance system will at least notify you when something is happening on your property.

If you suspect that someone is trespassing onto your property but you cannot see them, the use of these signs will keep people away from your private places. You must not forget to install them at all required locations such as entrances, exits, and around watchful areas.

Never trespass on the place of others without moving a "no trespassing" or a "private property" sign isn't going to make it any less illegal to trespass on private property. And, even though you may have been given permission to enter someone's fenced-in backyard, if the homeowner has a "no trespassing" signposted as well as a fence you can still be arrested moving or vandalizing a "no trespassing" sign is also considered trespassing. If you see someone removing or vandalizing these signs, it's important to contact the police and report the incident.

Remember that in the presence of the age of technology, it is very handy to use security gadgets like cameras, alarms, and dogs for our safety. It is very important that these gadgets work properly and fulfill their purposes. If they don't, then it's a wastage of money as well as time. So it is necessary to take care of these gadgets and make sure that in the end, it is important to use common sense and take precautions to secure your home and property. Don't be afraid to ask for help from your neighbors or the police if you feel unsafe or threatened. With a little bit of effort, your home can be safe and secure from intruders.

In your busy life schedule, you cannot be present at your place all the time. You have to go to the office and also have to fulfill other necessities of life which cannot be done by sitting at home. And if it looks weird and unusual to you, have a security guard for your little home. The above-discussed points may prove beneficial for you and may protect you from the trespassing of people at your place.