Dash cameras are used to capture live video while driving. In case of an accident, the important thing left for the evidence is the video proof. It shows how important dash cameras have become nowadays. You can use dash cam instead of smartphones because putting phones on the dash will have an excess of heat, which might affect its functionality. Whereas a smartphone does not last long enough to capture several hours of footage, it becomes difficult to record in full HD and becomes useless if you wanted to attend a call or make a call to someone. Hence it states that choosing a high-quality dashcam is very important. Furthermore, there are professionally-build dash cameras that are durable and can record many hours in full HD quality and it could be a hard-wired to the battery of your car. whereas if we talk about cheap cameras then they are not that satisfactory and are unable to meet modern driver’s demands and difficulties. 

Some of the best dash cams are Nextbase 522GW. You can go for Garmin Dash Cam 66W. it has the best design with a high-quality video and a wide-angle lens. Another good dash cam is Thinkware F800 Pro, Mio MiVue J60, Garmin Dash Cam Mini, Nextbase 222, etc. You can search for the best dual dash cam with 1080p FHD front and rear dual-lens from amazon.

Where Should a Dashcam be Placed?

The best position to place a dashcam is right down the center of the windshield. If your dashcam comes with a pressure cup mount, then you must need to leave enough space so that the device can be easily mounted and installed. 

How can I Hide my Dashcam?

You can hide dash cam by using a headliner, the pillars, or put the dashcam wires in the gap between the windshield and the interior but while driving, they pop out sometimes. Hence you can also go for tape or some kind of foam strip to hole the wires. 

Is there a Dashcam without Wires?

Yes, there is a dashcam without wires. You can get a hardwire kit for the dashcam. You would be able to use it to run power directly from the fuse box with the help of the cam. You can even hide the wires running from the fuse box to the camera along the pillar by the door and then under the control of the roof. 

We are here going to discuss where to mount dashcam for maximum benefits and some amazing tips are as follow:

  1. Choosing the Right Features

We know that great cameras are now apart from the competition because of its exquisite features. Here are we going to discuss the features that your new dashcam should possess to come into the best dashcams category? 

  1. The camera would be able to start rolling when you turn on your engine and shut down when you turn off the explosion. 
  2. Dashcam that suggests less than 32 GB of storage gives you less than 2 hours of recording. You need to choose a dashcam that is 256GB or 512GB memory card. Whereas, if you wanted to record an effortlessly more than 15 hours at 1080p or you can record more than 20 hours at 720p. 
  3. While recording, your recording angle should be wider. Your aim for recording the dashcam with a recording angle must be more than 150 degrees. 
  4. There must be a great display where you need the display to visualize the material or have a look at what the camera is recording. 
  5. You don’t need to stick out your camera on your car’s windscreen. Dashcams have different sizes and features; you can go for Mini 0805 they are known as small plus the new Koonlung K1S that are very small hidden cameras with many features. 
  6. Another important feature in a car camera is known as the video resolution. Some cheap brand claim to have full HD and will find its recording at VGA resolution (640×480), quality on these recordings are very poor and don’t have many details. 
  7. You need to see that a dash cam should have a night video quality. It must have a resolution of 1080p or above to capture the decent video during the daytime. To get the best good quality video footage at night, you need to separate the great camera models from the average.
  8. There must be a G-sensor that automatically marks the current footage, GPS to record the exact speed and position, and dual-channel that helps to record from the back, and are a bit expensive than single-channel systems. 


  1. Selecting Right Brand

Several responsible companies create high-end dashcams for 21st-century drivers. If you wanted to get a good brand, you need to have complete research about the Top dashcams brands and spend some time reviewing the brands offered on the market. You can have a look at the Amazon and know about how real customers have reviewed those brands. You need to take their opinions as well as to know about which dash cam is the best to use. 

  1. Size of Dashcams

Preferences are all that depends on the size of the dash cams. Whereas some of the dash cams are easily possible and can blend into the environment therefore, nobody notices them, others are large and bulky. Whereas, drivers mostly prefer discreet dashboard camera that can be useful and mounted with comfort.

  1. Value of Dashcams

You need to go for choosing those dash cams that come at a great value of the price. regardless of focusing uniquely on the price, you need to choose the most important features and compare prices with the other products to know which dash cams works the best. 


It is stated that dash cams are widely used in some of the areas around the world. Dash cams are used for the better protection and safety of the people. Dash cams are used by many people in homes, offices, cars, or anywhere. It helps the police to get the thief, robber, or criminal easily by watching the video footage from the dashcam located in their area.