You may think that hidden cameras are the domain of private investigators, police officers or spies but that’s not the case, hidden cameras are used for a variety of surprising functions that we don’t even know about. People from around the world use secret cameras to help them in their jobs, daily routine or even for entertainment. From birdwatching to viral prank videos, there are hidden cameras for sale everywhere for all kinds of purposes. Here are a few unusual uses for hidden cameras.

Lectures and Meetings

So next time when you’re sitting in a meeting room, have a look around you. That person who’s leaning on their hand may not just be bored, they may be recording the discussion with a spy camera watch or hidden camera pen. Spy cameras are an amazing gadget for recording videos or taking notes from lectures and meetings, as well as to record conceivably interesting details for any business strategy.

Hidden Cameras for Viral Videos

Viral videos or prank videos have become a phenomenon over the past few years. We don’t have TV bloopers show anymore instead we have millions of prank videos uploaded on the internet. Many of these videos use hidden cameras to capture gullible people in a prank or funny situations for the sake of entertainment.

Hidden Cameras for Film Making

As spy camera’s ability to perform become more advanced with the ability to switch lenses for artistic talent, more filmmakers are using spy camera technology to capture video of scenes a regular camera would be too large to capture properly. Extreme sports such as water sports or mountain climbing, first-person perspective of everyday life or bird’s eye views are just a view of these exciting ways of implementing covert cameras for excellent modern movies and footages.

Spy Cameras for Wildlife Watching

Maybe you’re a keen birdwatcher, keen to see owls in their nocturnal habitat? Or maybe you’re sure there is an interesting creature in your garden, or you’re a wildlife photographer looking to learn about the activities of insects, birds and different animals to make sure you get your best photos. Outdoor surveillance cameras are perfect for all these kinds of uses, allowing you to discover the wildlife of your surroundings like never before.

Covert Cameras with Night Vision

Have you ever thought of having a full night vision or to be able to see in the dark? With covert camera technology, your dream can come true. Low-light spy cameras can record any sort of activity outside your house every night to ensure your home is safe and not under any threat, and even just to see what it looks like in pitch blackness of the night. Are there any interesting or dangerous animals roaming your garden? If there are any people wandering around unexpectedly? You can always find out if you have a covert camera in your house!

Spy Cams for Mystery Shoppers & Restaurant Critics

Mystery shoppers have been known to wear hidden cameras to secretly record customer services and product quality of stores, now restaurant critics are doing the same. A lot of food bloggers and shopping bloggers are using spy cameras for this purpose. They also use these cameras in an attempt to improve consumer experiences, Professionals record evidence for reportage to managers and companies so they can fix mistakes if there are any.

Spy Camera for Games

Hidden cameras can add a whole new level of entertainment to outdoor games. There's a whole range of gaming outdoor cameras for use in paintballing, hide and seek and many other outdoor fun games. Imagine how much more exciting a game like paintballing would be if you could monitor where the opposing team was hiding? Not only this, but you can record lots of fun memories to be watched back at any time.

Undercover Cameras for Environmental Studies

Environmental scientists often use covert cameras to not only view the habits of animals and how they’re affected by the environmental change as you see on wildlife documentaries, but also to track and see how the landscape is changing. Using long exposure images it is easy to exhibit time-lapse videos, how certain aspects can impact the environment in ways we might not notice in your everyday routine.