The documentation of your significant experience should not end at the water's edge. Whether navigating some hazardous rapids, Instagramming your beach-side antics, or even swimming with sharks, your camera should be up to the challenge. That is why a waterproof camera is required. Waterproof cameras are usually used for underwater photography and other photography near water, although they may be used for photography. Before buying, be sure the camera you're thinking about has enough zoom range to give enough diversity for your images.

Not all companies are trustworthy, but Zetronix (Electronics Company) had made themselves blindly trusted by customers for their satisfaction. They have launched the "Avon Waterproof Body Camera" for underwater live broadcasting, which has different features compared to others. Its unmatched qualities make it perfect for underwater live broadcasting. It's not easy to record video underwater with open eyes, so Zetronix has also launched its body camera glasses with a 720p HD video comprehensive 120o degree angle lens with an HD sensor. 

The following features help describe the perfection of the "Avon Waterproof Body Camera." 

Wi-Fi Live Broadcasting over Social Media

 The Zetronix Avon is a simple-to-use, sophisticated high-definition Wi-Fi waterproof small body camera that supports live streaming across social media sites such as YouTube, Tiktok, and Facebook. The Avon tiny body camera includes built-in Wi-Fi, allowing us to broadcast live to the entire globe. Livestream rallies, sports, concerts, and demonstrations to share with the world or archive historic moments. The built-in Wi-Fi on the Avon allows you to start, stop, and pause recording directly from your phone and watch and post videos on any social media site.

 Magnetic Body

 The Avon is one of the world's tiniest unobtrusive body cameras, housed in a robust composite magnetic body and outfitted with several attachments for convenient hands-free recording. The magnetic rigid polymer body makes it simple to connect the camera to any metal surface without bothering to hold the camera or ensure you capture the proper photo. The Zetronix Avon, unlike other small cameras, is composed of high-grade polymers and can survive any form of use, from the mildest to the most intense. The Avon is a tiny camera with much potential, and it can be simply changed from a body camera to a concealed nanny cam.

 3+ HR Battery Life 

 Despite its small size, the Avon has a built-in extended-life battery that ends for 3+ hours in docket mode and 2+ hours when broadcasting live on social media.

 1080P HD Video Quality

With 1080p resolution, you can record faces and other details from greater distances than any similar camera. The compact body alloy camera features a professional-grade 1080p CMOS sensor to generate vibrant video and images that can distinguish faces and details from greater distances than other body cameras. It also has H. 265 compression as a standard for high-quality, efficient recording.

 MicroSD Card Slot Up to 32GB

The Avon body camera comes with an 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB memory card and a MicroSD card slot. The 32GB memory card can accumulate up to 6 hours of video and music and be quickly removed and replaced with another card. 8GB can store up to 120 minutes of data, 16GB can store up to 2 hours of data, and 32GB can store up to 6 hours.

 Take Photographs

  With a button on the App or the camera, the Avon body camera captures video and snaps quick images with an 8 MP camera.

 Smart Phone App Record/Playback/Stream 

  Downloading the App to use Avon Body Cam is free, and all you have to do is connect your camera to the body cam's local private password-protected Wi-Fi network. Once connected, you may see a live stream, record, and replay from up to 25 feet away from the body camera.

 115 Degree Ultra-wide Camera Lens

 The Avon body cam has a laser-cut 114 Degree Ultra-Wide Angle Lens that captures a field of vision that is more than 150 per cent larger than what human eyes can perceive. Because the human eye's range of view is around 70 - 90 degrees, Lenox's 115-degree ultra-wide lens will catch details that the human eye misses before and after the incident. These particulars are critical in deciding culpability, and Avon's body camera will never forget them.

 Compatible with PC, Mac along with iOS (iPhone/iPad) & Android

  The Avon cam is concordant with all computers to playback videos and a free App for your smartphone that lets you stream live video, record, and playback without a computer.