A security camera is a piece of hardware that captures photographs or records video, either indoors or outside, to keep an eye out for intruders or criminals. It aids in the monitoring of people's actions to discover and prevent crime. Many firms are developing security cameras, but the finest are those that meet the public's need to trust their goods. Zetronix (a Boston-based firm) provides excellent electronics services and inspires clients to put their confidence in them. Zetronix takes pleasure in delivering courteous and competent customer service worldwide.

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The following features make the XS7 pro-security camera unique.

Solar-powered security camera

The XS7 Pro is a wireless solar-powered security camera that can be placed anywhere and requires only a weak Wi-Fi signal. The XS7 Pro is entirely self-sufficient and never has to be recharged. The highly supple XS7 Pro includes a camera and a solar panel with a built-in long-life battery that attaches to the camera's top to capture maximum power from the sun. It also consists of a camera and a solar panel with a built-in long-life battery that attaches to the camera's top to capture full power from the sun.

High-Range 90 feet I.R. Night Vision & Bright White LED

Unlike other exterior cameras, we don't need an electrician to wire electricity to remote sections of our house or workplace. Place the Colour XS7 Pro in the location you want to monitor. The camera's infrared LEDs range up to 90 feet, and it is a bright white LED floodlight that delivers a detailed and precise image. The Colour XS7 Pro is equipped with a powerful dual lighting system. The housing incorporates super long rand invisible IR LED and ultra-bright white LED to light up the sector. The IR LED gleams up to 90 feet and can be commanded with the ultra-bright LEDs on our app.

Rotatable Lens (360 Horizontally & 120º Vertically) 

The XS7 Pro is the first solar-powered camera with a revolving lens, allowing it to pan and rotate 360 degrees and 120 degrees horizontally. We may control the camera's movement from anywhere globally using our smartphone app. The Colour XS7 Pro outdoor surveillance camera's advanced optic Lens has a perfectly smooth 360-degree pan paired with a 180-degree slope. Allocating the camera in any direction is easily managed from the app, no matter where we are. Blind spots are practically eliminated with this robust feature that is strictly unique to the XS7 Pro model.

Audio and video with 1800 HD crystal clear colour:

 The XS7 Pro records bright and sharp 1080p H.D. videos (with audio), allowing you to recognise faces from afar and even in the dark. It also gives quick motion warnings and transmits video and audio to your smartphone. The XS7 Pro incorporates a heavy 1080p HD CMOS sensor set with a laser-etched 5-layer glass lens. This amalgamation produces the most precise and clear image both day and night, with no falsification or fisheye effect. Everything looks as it should. The surgically cut Lens acutely reduces sun flares during the day and mirroring at night, giving you more precise video than most professional CCTV systems.

Powerful 2 Way Mic/Speaker

We can listen to anything the camera captures on the app at any moment and even dissuade intruders by projecting our voice through the built-in strong 2-way speaker, thanks to its built-in speaker and mic. The 2-Way mic/speaker system permits you to listen to what's going on around your camera and talk back through a powerful speaker if you need to answer somebody waiting by your door (or to deter a possible intruder).

Up to 200 days of video storage 64 G.B.

This flexible camera can record and save hundreds of hours of video to a memory card or the cloud. It even features a facial recognition feature so we can receive warnings when an unexpected guest arrives. The Colour XS7 Pro outdoor surveillance camera accepts Micro SD cards with up to 64 G.B. of memory. A 64B Micro SD card will save almost 200 hours of video footage.

IP65 Waterproof Temp (- 4º to 140º) 

The waterproof XS7 Pro functions flawlessly in the rain, shine, snow, or ice thanks to a built-in Lithium-Ion and waterproof solar charger rechargeable batteries. No worry about the weather; you can rely on continuous surveillance without charging or connecting your camera.


Face Recognition Available

The XS7 Pro is an all-in-one surveillance system outside your house or workplace. It may be fixed on any surface at any angle, and it can provide fast notifications when someone approaches the front door. You can find out when your delivery was delivered and who stole it! Receive notifications when someone is spying on your yard. The surveillance options are limitless. The XS7 Pro will catch the activity, record it, and inform you regardless of the location, weather, or lighting conditions.