WiFi Cameras You Should Consider Purchasing

For a rundown of the very best and most effective Wi-Fi surveillance cameras on the market today, check the list below:


Thanks to this pinhole camera, it is possible to convert anything to a hidden camera. It has a 90-degree wide angle lens, as well as High Definition 1080p video resolution (which are able to capture images clearly from across the room).

This spy camera wifi has 4 hours of battery life, and it is also equipped with a MicroSD memory card slot that is compatible with up to 128 GB of memory space.

zHomeBlackBox- WIFI:

Setting up this awesome W-Fi surveillance tool will take no more than 5 minutes. Thanks to its 180-degree ultra-wide lens, it is able to capture just about anything around it. It allows you to watch and record live events wherever you are, and you can also get alerts right on your mobile phone with it. It records 20 minutes per 1 GB, and this means that it is able to record up to 43 hours on a memory card with 128 B memory spaces. It is able to last 10 hours on a full battery charge, and it is compatible with any mobile phone; iOS, Android, or Windows.

zBulb- HDL:

The zBulb has a 120-degree wide angle lens and allows you to watch and record videos wherever you are in the world. It has a High Definition 720p video resolution, and it supports sound as well. Thanks to its application as a camouflage bulb, you can make use of it both outside and inside the house, and it will function effectively. Motion alerts can be sent to your phone, regardless of whether it is iOS, Android, or Windows-based. Thanks to its ability to record 60 minutes per 1 GB, you will be able to get 64 hours on a 64 GB microSD card.


This Wi-Fi nanny cam is easy to set up, and it can provide motion detection mobile phone alerts as well. It looks and functions like a USB charger, and it has full HD 1080p video and a crisp audio recording capacity. There is also a 90-degree wide angle, and it is able to store up to 120 hours of full footage on 128 GB footage.


The video resolution of this Wi-Fi camera has to be the most compelling reason for you to make a purchase on it. It has a clear 1080p video resolution and is clean enough to discern and recognize faces from across the room perfectly. It is very easy to set up, and it sends motion detection alerts directly to your mobile phone. The Hestia cam has a microSD card slot and is able to support up to 128 GB of video footage, recording 50 minutes per 1GB.