5 Awesome Low-Cost Hidden Spy Cameras

In the society we live today, it has become expedient for people to protect themselves. This is where spy cameras work perfectly. If you’re looking to get one and you’re on a budget, try one of the following:

HD Spy Camera with Pen

If you’re on the move then hidden camera pen, will be more than perfect for you. It works as a regular pen, although it has a spy camera embedded in it as well.

Talk about some James Bond stuff


  1. Video resolution: It is able to record 720p AVI videos at 30fps
  2. It comes with micro SD card support for up to 8GB memory as well as a free pen
  3. It also has effective support for transferring files via USB.


Conbrov Wf81 Portable Spy Camera

If you value portability and discretion, this is definitely one spy cam that will serve you well. Weighing just 16 grams, it is one of the smallest and lightest spy cams available. It also comes with an incredibly cheap price, although you might have to sacrifice a little on the video quality and battery power.


  1. Flexible base: The camera comes with a flexible base, which makes it easy for it to be turned. The better aim is provided that way.
  2. Batter power: You can rest assured of battery power that lasts about half an hour.  
  3. Android and iOS compatibility: It comes with apps that work seamlessly on both Android and iOS devices.  
  4. Resolution: It has a 640x480 video resolution which records at 30fps.
  5. Additional memory: It also supports micro SD cards with support for up to 32GB of memory.

Mini U8 USB Disk Hidden Camera with Motion Detection

This hidden spy cam comes in the shape of a USB dongle, which makes it perfect for formal occasions and settings that require utmost discretion. Its video recording output is top notch, although for its price, battery backup is one thing that you might have to sacrifice. Regardless, with its characteristics, you really can’t ask for better.


  1. Video resolution: This camera records crisp 720×480 AVI videos at 30fps.
  2. Photo capabilities: You can also take 1280×1024 JPG photographs at an aspect ratio of 4:3.
  3. Battery power: The battery lasts for about an hour.  
  4. Memory support: The camera has a micro SD card slot which is capable of supporting up to 32GB of memory.


Jumbl Spy Camera Hidden in a Radio

This spy camera, apart from being pretty affordable, is also very effective. Hidden in an alarm clock, it provides awesome camouflaging and discretion.


  1. Effective infrared night vision.
  2. Memory support: It supports micro SD cards, with memory capabilities up to 32GB of memory.
  3. Screen: It has a 2-inch screen where you can view every recording.
  4. Motion detection: The motion detectors are very effective, and they can trigger the camera to begin recording videos immediately



This tiny device, although small and in a little package comes with quite impressive features.  


  1. 720p HD video recording.
  2. Compatible with Wi-Fi connection and networks.
  3. It also comes with Power over Ethernet (PoE).
  4. This spy camera also supports the use of a micro SD card slot, with a memory capacity of up to 128GB of memory.
  5. Windows and Mac compatible: If you’re looking to enjoy an all-encompassing viewership experience, this camera is also compatible with computers running on both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  6. The spy camera also packs additional features such as motion detectors, and Email alerts, while also making allowance for push notifications.