Superlative Night Vision Dash Cameras You Should Buy In 2018

A dash cam is an awesome way for you to keep surveillance and record events that occur around your vehicle. With so many technological innovations being made to them, they have been touted as the biggest development in security and surveillance.

That said, here are the biggest and most in-demand dash cams on the market as at now:

The zDrive Wi-Fi enabled dash cam:

This camera has been dubbed by many as the perfect video solution for cars and trucks, and with the following features, it makes a legitimate claim for that title:

Image sensor: The dash cam comes with a registered image sensor made by Panasonic. The sensor also comes with WDR, and it's incredible for both day and night use.

Image rotation: The camera is able to rotate 270 degrees. Definitely not bad for a wide angle camera

Smartphone compatibility: The camera is also highly compatible with smartphones, and this means you have the ability to store easily, playback, view, or share videos with your smartphone.

GPS: The GPS is included to provide awesome speed and location accuracy during playback.

1-Year warranty included

HD Professional Series Dual Light Dash Cam

The HD professional dash cam is nothing short of effective. It is perfectly capable of recording events that unfold both in and out of the vehicle. This is made possible due to the presence of its wide angle camera. This quality makes it perfect for various vehicles, including but not limited to police vehicles, taxis, and fleet trucks.

IR LED: It also comes equipped with IR LEDs, which make it capable of recording high-quality videos even in night time.

Loop recording: The HD professional dash cam comes with continuous loop recording abilities,

Playback: It has a video output for playback on TVs and monitors as well, meaning that no matter what it is connected to, it can ring quality videos that will help with solving a crime or providing a trusted accounting of events.

Tracking abilities: The HD professional dash cam has GPS and Gyro tracking, which will enable you to have an accurate location display. This location can be displayed during playback, and it will further serve to corroborate evidence or event accounting.


zDrive HDi(r) - HD Ultra Wide Angle Car Dash Cam:

The HD professional wide angle car dash cam, among other things, comes with a refurbished 90-day guarantee as well as a full 1-year warranty.

Looking for other things?

Check out some of its specs below:

Video resolution: This dash cam comes with an amazing 720p video quality. It's got a high definition image sensor, and it is able to cover videos for up to 120 degrees.

Auto start recording: Auto-start recording eases the operational pressure and burden on you, and it makes it easy for you to get it to start

Webcam mode: The webcam ode exists as an alternative to the usual dash cam mode, n it offers certain operational peculiarities as well.

Screen included: This camera also comes with a 2.5" LCD screen included the screen provides love view as well as playback, and you can bank on it to provide awesome video quality at any point in time.