Harassment is everywhere these days. However, while it is easy to accuse someone, it becomes especially hard to prove your case.

This is why you need a rugged body hidden cameras.

Body cams provide unequivocal and highly efficient video footage of an event, and it is something that we should all have.

Looking to get one? Why not check out the following highly efficient choices?

The Newton Compact Body Cam:

The Newton compact body cam makes surveillance as easy as possible with an ultra-wide 170° last cut glass lens; it has enough coverage to capture some dramatic angles while on your body. Other features include:

Resolution: It records 1028p full-color videos and picks up audio (up to 60 FPS) as well

Smartphone compatibility: It also streams live view to your smartphone over a secure and encrypted Wi-Fi network.

Portability: As regards portability, this body cam is impeccable. It is small and compact, thereby providing excellent personal security

Memory capacity: It has a MicroSD card slot with support for up to 32 GB.

Memory saving rate: The body cam stores 12 minutes per Gigabyte, meaning you'll have access to 384 minutes of uninterrupted video surveillance with a full 32 GB memory card

Battery life: The battery is durable, and is capable of lasting 3 hours. However, this time is reduced to 1 hour when working with Wi-Fi access and IR

Night vision: It is also perfect for night vision as it doesn't have any IR LEDs in this mode. 



This is the only body cam to come in an alloy metal housing, as opposed to similar body cams that are usually made of plastic. It is an awesome solution for personal protection, and it comes with the following features:

Recording resolutions: Full 720p HD, for both video & audio. Videos taken from far away are also very detailed as well

Included in pack: There are also various attachments, including a belt, a lapel, a purse, and much more included in the pack

Memory capacity: It comes with an 8 GB built-in memory and also has a MicroSD card slot with support for up to 32 GB memory.

Memory saving rate: It records 20 minutes per Gigabyte. That's 800 minutes with the full memory capacity and a 32 GB memory card.


The Blue Line Police Camera:

The Blue Line Police Camera is a highly rugged body cam that is perfect for messy situations. Check out a few of its key features:

Video resolution: Super HD resolution (which, by the way, is 30% better than what you get with 1080p)

Battery capacity: The battery lasts for 9 hours on a full charge. This is by far the best you can find in the body cam market

Included in the pack: The complete package comes with various attachments (belt, purse, lapel, etc.)

Ballistic housing: The ballistic housing around it makes it perfect for not-so-ideal situations where things can get extremely physical. 

Operating mechanism: It has a one button touch recording operation. Ideally, you switch it on with a single button, and it starts recording immediately.