Each day brings new features and advancements in digital gadgets. The Same is the case for spying cameras. But with the positives come negatives as new technologies bring new ways for detectors as well. But we gotta be safe and sound if we invest in buying spy cams. For the best safety, the Best of gadgets should be used. But in this age with cameras featuring so many functions, how do we detect which ones are primary to look for and which ones are secondary? before that have a look at some spy cameras!

Video Camera Hidden in Everyday Objects.

One of the easiest and most popular ways to hide a surveillance camera is by placing it inside an everyday object like a working pen: This way your target never even knows it's there! Audio and video quality is pretty good with these cameras – better than with traditional nanny cams.

Covert Digital Video Recorder.

A digital video recorder is a great choice for anyone looking to keep an eye on things while they're not home: You'll get high-definition video and audio that's crystal clear, and you can monitor what's going on live from any computer or SmartPhone. While these cameras lack the covert design of something like a working pen, they offer the best quality image available in terms of spying cameras...

Wireless Camera.  

Wireless surveillance cameras are very versatile due to their location-independent nature: These types of recorders allow you to place them pretty much anywhere without having to worry about wires…and if it runs out of power, you can easily replace the batteries. Many of them also come with built-in DVRs.

Nanny Cam Hidden in Kids Toys.  

If you're looking for the total package, then a nanny cam that looks like a kid's toy might be your best choice: These cameras can record hours of footage on an internal hard drive and often come equipped with motion detection technology. They are perfect disguises because most parents have at least one of these types of toys in their house already...

Digital Micro Camera.

Those looking for full covert surveillance will want to consider getting a micro camera: Using either USB or SD storage, this type of device has no cables or wires…it's very easy to hide & just plugs right into your computer when you need to view the footage. You can also choose between models that record audio or just video…or both!

Spy Pen Camera.

For those who want something small but still powerful, then a spy pen might be right for you: It looks like an everyday writing utensil (hence the name), but it actually contains a high-definition camera inside. These cameras are perfect for taking quick snapshots and work well if you don't demand top quality...

Button Camera.  

This type of mini cam is designed to look like a normal shirt button – nobody will suspect that anything is out of the ordinary with this device. The main advantage though, besides its covert design, is that these types of recorders are capable of capturing HD video (1920x1080) because they are equipped with wide-angle lenses...

Glass Break Detector Hidden Camera.

If you need to know when someone breaks in, then this is the type of camera for you: A light sensor will send a signal to your phone if it detects a sudden decrease in light levels – unless somebody is breaking in during daylight hours, most likely an intruder stayed behind when the sun rose! This super covert hidden camera also houses a high-definition recorder and features WiFi connectivity...

GPS Car Recorder.

 If you're looking for something that can monitor your every move while you're out on the road, then look no further than a tiny DVD recorder: Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this device can store and label hour's worth of GPS video footage – you can use it to track virtually every aspect of your daily commute.

Here are some features one should consider when buying a spy camera. If the said features are already present in the spying device, then that product becomes more worthy because these features will make it an ideal choice among the customers.


As for any other camera, the most important feature to look for in a hidden cam is the picture quality. Most of the buyers go for Mega Pixels and get scammed because despite having many pixels, the camera doesn't have a quality image; all of it is because MPs don't have to do anything with image quality in the first place. A sensor is what defines how better the picture quality will be. A more intense sensor of your spying cam would give a clearer picture, and you'd easily be monitoring any unusual activity.

2. Wi-Fi

The Wifi feature in a hidden cam making it the best one is kind of predictable for this era because literally everything runs on wifi. How much of a setback it would be if your camera detects something unusual and doesn't notify you right at the spot and instead sends a report which reaches you hours later when you practically couldn't do anything to make that unusual activity stop?


Motion detection has been the most convenient function in a spy cam. It saves a lot of battery life & coverage storage of the camera since it lets you turn off the gadget and automatically trigger it to turn on as soon as there's movement in the picture! That way, you also don't have to deal with long periods of the clear film which holds no worth.


Spying camera is the best when it's most ordinary looking. The exterior of a camera can make it look like literally anything but a camera. Say in the shape of a pen, or in glasses. spy pens the best spy cameras because no one knows they’re spying on something or someone until you say so. You can use a spy pen for different purposes, for example whenever you interview people for articles, attend important meetings, or simply spy on someone. This is very helpful especially when you suspect someone is doing something not right. Pretend to be simply writing without many people knowing that you’re actually trying to capture and record their actions and words.


The last most primary feature of a spying camera is its ability to work in a dark atmosphere. When you stay in the house all day just to leave at night and your camera can't perform its best then what's the point of placing one?

Your spying cam that has LED lights, ensures that videos are clear and well-lit even in the dark. The LED light doesn’t glow up either and is completely invisible so it remains discreet even in Night Mode; that way you can totally be at ease whilst enjoying a night out!


The spy cameras can be single-mode, dual / multi-mode and so on which depend upon how you want them to work. Just like different kinds of watches come with 4 modes (time display, date display, etc), different kinds of cameras come with different modes depending upon their usage.


The camera should be small and discreet because if it's too big or noticeable, people will become suspicious. It can be in the form of a pen, clock, keychain, phone charger, sunglasses, etc.


If you're likely to use the camera outdoors or near water then you'll want one that is waterproof.


The camera should have a long battery life so that it can be used for longer periods of time without needing to be recharged.


The spy camera should come with a large memory as this will allow you to store more footage.

Wrapping Up!

When looking for a spying camera, there are a number of features to consider. The most important thing is to find one that meets your specific needs – whether you need something covert, with high-definition video, or that you can monitor activity in real-time. With so many different types of cameras available on the market, it's easy to find the right one for you.

For this reason, make sure to do some research before you buy. Make a list of your needs and wants and visit your local electronics stores to see what they have in stock. Most importantly, keep an open mind! It's best to leave your assumptions at the door when looking for a covert surveillance camera…one might lead you right to the device you've been looking for!

At the end of the day, the safety of your family comes down to what you choose for them and for yourself. Mentioned above are a few qualities which make the spying camera stand out in many other kinds of it. Using these features, you can make sure your babies are safe with the nanny you left them with, or the cabin of your office is safe and locked when you leave for home!