In today's technology-savvy age of smartphones, almost everyone is capable of recording real-life events and sharing the footage for negative or positive purposes. While at it, the ability of cameras is greatly being used in the department of police. The technology has been confined into small portable cameras for the purpose. While the police can mount 'body-worn cameras' on their hats or as a badge, it has become a lot easier to take care of the incidents.

However, studying the scenarios and surveys, it is to be said that police are not the only people who need to wear this. While civilians are being watched by the police officials, a great risk underlies for things to be shown over a one-sided perspective.

Thinkers present an idea to wear body cameras for citizens as they shall; to be able to protect themselves better and hence not leave incidents at the risk of someone else watching and deciding over them.



There are a lot of remote areas around the country where there's no quick police access. For people in areas like that, it becomes a lot convenient when they don't just have to sit and wait until the police reach them on an accident, but their cameras would be working as a life investment.


Whenever you bump into a cop, or in a petty incident, the hidden camera won't need you to turn it on at the spot but it would be working just as fine from earlier. So if you are traveling on a highway where you're at a high risk of exposure with officials, you better have a hidden cam or a dash-cam to record your interaction which would help reduce complaints about behaviors of either side and redundant use of force- since it's on record.


A lot of times, police are not a hundred percent clean and clear. There is a high chance that they would incline their favors toward one specific person for some reason. In the circumstance, you only get to convey your innocence through your talking abilities, but with a hidden body cam, the situation can be made a lot better for you.


While you get in trouble on roads, the case generally is taken to the courts. Court officials like to take things slow presenting it away with not having enough details of the incident. Here, body cameras save a lot of your precious time. You show up with details, your case would proceed in no time.


You might be a little bugged by this heading, all along you had in mind the consequence of expense these cameras come with. But honestly speaking, when you lag not getting one for your safety and end up in a fight or in a similar situation, you might face severe consequences which include spending money that could be saved in the first place by wearing a hidden camera- providing true evidence instantly, saving your repeated visits for justice!

Although, worn body cameras are thought to be a privacy invader, which adds to the reason why these cameras are still not very common among citizens. But with time spreads awareness i.e. by wearing the camera forward-facing, there is a very little chance anyone would see your face when you present the recording for evidence of some incident you saw or you were involved in. With that being said, citizens should be a lot more trusting over the use of body-worn cameras.