What to do when you find a hidden tracker in your car?

In today’s fast-paced era, technology has no bounds left. One of the most advanced and innovative technology is hidden tracking devices. These gadgets are frequently used in a variety of cars to locate them effortlessly. Private investigators are most often assumed to utilize vehicle tracking devices to keep track of an individual location. While this is true, the general public and businesses are more likely to deploy vehicle tracking systems. For instance:

  • Fleet firms can use GPS or hidden trackers to find company vehicles.
  • Criminals use hidden tracking gadgets to follow their targets.
  • Taxi companies can use GPS to dispatch vehicles.
  • Suspicious partner trying to figure out where their ex or spouse is.

Trackers are available for purchase online from numerous vendors who sell private investigation equipment or espionage equipment. For instance, recon pro is an easily detected GPS tracker and bug detector. They can also be found in several electronics, video surveillance, and GPS device specialty retailers. For instance, Zetronix is one of the best online retailing platforms to buy these extraordinary gadgets. Since tracking devices utilize GPS or cellular equipment to identify a location, receiving data from the tracking device usually necessitates the purchase of a subscription or service agreement.

 How can you tell if your car is being tracked?

This is a question being asked by many car owners who have been brought into the spy world as suspects or victims. Tracking devices come in many forms these days from GPS trackers, mobile trackers to hidden bugs. All of which can be installed in your car without your knowledge.

The good news is that there are some ways to detect if you have a hidden tracker in your car and what to do if you find one. The following mentioned points are the possible options.

1. Check for unusual devices

The first thing you should do is check for any unusual devices or wires in your car. This could be a difficult task but can be done. You should check the underneath of your car, the area around the engine compartment, and inside dashboards.

If you find any foreign objects that seem suspicious then you should try to track down what it is. One way to do this would be to put your car for sale on an online classified site or in a newspaper. If there is a tracking device on your car, the person who installed it will likely contact you to try and recover the device.

2. Signal Detector

Another way to check for a hidden tracker in your car is to use a signal detector. This is a device that can be used to detect electronic signals being transmitted from spy devices. If you suspect that you have a hidden tracker in your car, you can purchase a signal detector for around $50.

Once you have the device, you just need to scan your car for any electronic signals that may be coming from a tracking device. If there are any signals detected, the detector will produce an audible sound or show a light on the display.

3. Built-In Navigation System

If you have a car with a built-in navigation system, you can use it to track your car's location. Most modern cars come with this feature but if yours doesn't then you can purchase a GPS tracking device for around $50.

Once you have the device, you just need to create an account and register the device with the company. After doing this, you will be able to track your car online using Google Maps or get an email notification if your car is being moved. Even though it's possible for people who are tracking you to see your real-time location online, it might not always be their primary method of surveillance.

4. Spy Shop

The next way to check for a hidden tracker in your car is to visit a spy shop. Spy shops sell the latest technology that can be used for spying, including hidden bugs and GPS trackers. These devices are very small and you probably won't be able to find them without specific training.

5. Consult a Professional

The final way to detect a spy device is by going to a professional. More and more companies are offering these services, which can detect spy devices in your home or car. They will know exactly where to look for the device and what type of equipment they need to find it.

Is there an app to detect tracking devices?

There is no current app that can be used to detect hidden tracking devices on cars. However, there are a few methods that can be used to check for trackers, including using a signal detector or checking for unusual devices or wires in your car. If you find a suspicious device, you can try to track down who installed it by putting your car up for sale or contacting the company that installed it.

What to do if you find a tracking device?

If you detect a tracking device on your car, the first thing you should do is report it to the police. Even if you are not having any criminal activity, there is still no law preventing people from using GPS trackers or hidden bugs. The police can monitor the person who installed the tracking device and may be able to get a warrant to search their property.

Can you remove the tracker from the car?

If you have a tracking device installed on your car, the person who installed it will likely have the ability to remotely disable it. This means that if you try to remove the device, it may start sending signals or alarms that will notify the person who installed it. It is best to leave the device alone and let the police handle the situation.

Here are the formal steps that will help you take result-driven actions to deal with the hidden trackers in your car.

Step 1: Locate the device using a GPS tracker detector

Latest GPS tracking devices relay data using cellular networks, and signals can be picked up with a GPS tracker. As a result, you should get a GPS tracker detector and scan both the inside and outside of the target vehicle. If a GPS device is tracking the car, the detecting unit will inform you. However, it's worth noting that recon pro is designed to detect GPS tracking devices easily if tracking. The Recon Pro detects hidden cameras, bugs, and GPS tracking devices, among other things. With a Recon Pro hidden camera, bug detector, and GPS detector, you can regain control of your privacy in any situation.

 Step 2: Visually inspect the vehicle's exterior

The majority of vehicle tracker devices are not always connected to the 12-volt system or the ignition cables. Actually, many GPS car tracking systems are lightweight and moveable and equipped with electromagnets, making them easier to conceal inside or outside a vehicle. If you want the device from your car removed, you'll need to undertake a visual inspection on the outside of the vehicle. Here are a few places on the outside of your vehicle where you might find a hidden GPS.

Diagnostic port:

The diagnostic port on your car is a fantastic place to start. It's normally found on the steering wheel's lower left side. Remove the tracking device from the port by simply unplugging it. Disconnecting the gadget will not harm your car in any way.

Bumpers and wheel wells:

Devices are also commonly hidden inside wheel wells and under the front and rear bumpers.

Underneath the car:

Search for any strange boxes that adhere to your car with a magnet or tape, whether or not they have antennae. A fuel tank is a frequent place for a GPS gadget to be hidden.

Step 3; visually inspect the vehicle’s interior:

The OBD2 connector is the most frequent way to connect a GPS fleet tracking system to a car. Other popular places to hide a personal car tracker inside a vehicle include:

  • Underneath the driver's and back seats
  • Hidden in the glove compartment
  • Squeezed into a seat cushion
  • It's tucked away in a speaker compartment.
  • Inside the automobile's central console
  • The area behind the seats

Step 4: Remove the GPS Tracking Device:

Detaching the hidden tracker from your vehicle is simple if the gadget is portable, however, if the car tracker was installed with a black and red cable to draw power from the vehicle's 12-volt system, you should seek professional help. Wires attached to the hidden tracker must be accurately cut/removed to avoid causing electrical troubles in your vehicle. That means you can't just start cutting random wires and covering them with electrical tape in an attempt to disable the GPS. Please call a professional for safe removal if the item put on the car is wired to the vehicle.

Using a GPS Device to Locate Marks:

After you've detached the device from the car, the next step you'll want to take is going to figure out who designed the tracking system and, expectantly, who bought it. Tracking data is stored by GPS firms, and accounts are generated based on each tracker serial number. So, if you can decipher who made the tracking devices, you may contact them, give them the serial number, and ask for the identity of the person who bought it. It's as simple as looking up automobile tracking devices or GPS trackers on zetronix to find this information.

How do I get rid of hidden tracking?

If you discover a tracking device on your car, it is best to leave the device alone and get in touch with the police. If you try to remove or disable the tracking device yourself, there's a good chance that it will be activated and make things much worse. The only safe way to deal with this situation is by contacting the police and letting them handle everything.

In a Nutshell:

Don't worry. If you find a GPS tracker on your car, it's not the end of the world. The most important thing is to remain calm, call the police and let them know what's going on. In some cases, this may be a misunderstanding or a false alarm that can quickly lead to an arrest or fine. It's always better to be safe than sorry.