Hidden Camera Picture Frame (A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!)

Knowing what is going on inside your home while you are away is not an easy task. This story is a good example of how to do it.

I am a Security Consultant, for covert technology equipment. I review it, sell it, and am fascinated by it. You could say my thing in life is spy supply.

 Many clients have different reasons to want to know what is going on inside their home or business while they are away. I had one that had a son in law was stealing money from them, and countless other stories.

Spy supply is the best way to find out. This story is about a spy cam and the security it gave a lady.

Sally (her name is fictional) lived alone. She lived in a small town. She worked the day shift at a local bank. She was a friendly, likable gal, with no known enemies. She was not in a relationship so the activity inside her home was very confusing and upsetting. Or should we say downright scary?

Sally started noticing after arriving home, that some things were not right. She did not remember placing an object where she found it and started wondering if someone might be nosing around her home while she was not there.

The unease made her look closer, and carefully noticing how she placed her belongings. It was even more confusing that there was never anything missing.

One afternoon she came home and showered before going out for the evening. That's when she noticed that personal belongings in her lingerie drawer have been gone through like someone was looking for something. She was very upset now. She thought about calling the police but did not want to sound crazy. She called her sister, and she came over and spent the night.

Together they carefully placed items where they knew exactly where they were. Especially her unmentionables in her drawer. They stayed up late, and her sister stayed until Sally left for work.

The next day after work, Sally returned home. Rushing right to her drawer, she was in terror when she found it had been ransacked. She called her sister, and she rushed right over. Together they called the police.

Upon arrival they basically told her other than patrolling, there was nothing they could do. She was comforted at the site of a police cruiser going by a couple times at night. But the intrusion went on.

She contacted me through a friend. I made an appointment and went over to her house. By the expressions and tone of voice, I could tell that this was real.

I suggested we place a covert camera in her home. Since it was happening during the day, in a bright room, infrared or other low light cameras would not be necessary.

I suggested an electronic picture frame that would set on a dresser across the room. It did not look out of place and even had a radio in it to look natural. 

We set up the electronic picture frame with a hidden camera in it. It was wireless, so when put the receiver in the living room. We just hooked to her VCR I told her to put turn the VCR on when she left for work. And rewind and review the tape when she returned home. We could have used a lot higher priced equipment but I felt this would do the job.

 Upon arriving home, Sally reviewed the tape. And to her horror she was right. A clear video of a man entering her home, and going through her stuff. She called her sister and the police. She showed them the video, and sure enough, an older man was caught red-handed.

The police investigated and got back with her in just a couple of days. Sometimes things are not what they seem. The police told her that the man was a resident of a nursing home just a couple of blocks away. They talked with him and told her they did not know why he did what he did, but felt he was not a great threat.

They also confronted the administrator of the nursing home, and they assured the police that they would monitor him more closely.

 Although understandably upset, Sally was greatly relieved. She had caught the man, and the instances ended.

The hidden camera picture frame is just one of many covert cameras that are available at a good spy supply store. Please note that names and circumstances have been changed to protect everyone.