Sometimes, there come some situations in which security cameras need to be hidden, or someone wants to hide their security camera. But the question is How to hide the security camera?

There are several kinds of cameras like Box camera, nanny camera, best dash cam, Thermal camera, wireless cameras which are used for recording purposes. Every such camera is used at different places for different purposes.

The answer to the question that how to hide a security camera is: The security cameras can be hidden in PVC pipelines, in bird’s houses, can be installed near bushes and plants, and even can be mounted in camouflaged color out the door, can be fixed in the living rooms, etc. They can be even hidden in plain sights, can be the case in object covering and under the mounted caves to hide them smartly.

How do You Hide a Camera in Plain Sight?

No doubt that to hide a security camera in plain sight is a useful technique to have the recordings without the hurdles in them.

It can be hidden in the tissue box or any other box which has enough space to have a camera in it. And the tissues can be placed on top of the camera to represent it naturally.

The security camera can be hidden in the stuff toys along with other toys to make it less noticeable. And it can be even placed among several toys on the shelf to have a view of the surroundings.

The best place inside houses to hide cameras can be the indoor plants or the floral arrangements. These are mostly mounted in every room of the houses so to conceal cameras with them can be an easy task to do.

The surveillance camera can be hidden anywhere even in everyday items like frames, paintings, mirrors, vases, etc. Even the frame can be purchased with an already fitted spy camera with the ordinary look which is still unrecognizable from the other one frames. There are even such frames a lot available which can detect the motion and have night image capabilities.

The security camera can be even mounted in the wall clocks. People used to look at the watch many times a day but they never watch it with focus. Even the wall clocks are also available with the surveillance cameras in them. These are also functional clocks with the ability to record surroundings without the noticeable camera in them.

How Can I Hide my Camera in the Wall?

The security cameras can be hidden in the wall and it is the most common place to mount to hide cameras. If they painted with the color-matched with the color of the wall. And check either all the screws are fitted properly or not, to avoid somebody to steal or have a dent on it.

Where Can I Hide my Camera?

The security cameras can be hidden in the living rooms, kitchen, dressings, garages, innings of homes, etc. They can be settled according to the requirements of hiding them. One can get even the wearable spy cameras to place them anywhere where they will not look so suspicious.

Several cameras also even define their purposes according to their names like the nanny camera, as its name suggests that nanny cameras are used to keep an eye on your nanny. As professional people used to employ professional nannies for the kids. It’s true that it’s hard to keep the nanny who is a stranger also. So, the nanny cam is best to record their acts with the kids. Because mostly nannies used to abuse, scold and threaten the kids. So, to have an eye on them nanny cameras used to buy by every professional parent.