The wearable hidden cameras give liberty to capture the good quality video. One can gather the footage without the tension of wires. Several wearable designs of cameras have also been designed which can be even wearable. Several such cameras have long battery hours and even with a memory card in them to record the videos of hours or more than hours.

The wearable cameras can also be used as hidden cameras, they can be hidden anywhere and can record the videos privately. Such wearable cameras can be installed in pens, headphones, USB devices, watches, buttons, etc. with the names like Night Vision Spy Camera Watch, Law Mate Low Light 1080P Button Camera, Headphones Wi-Fi DVR And Hidden Spy Camera, Pen HD Hidden Camera with Motion Detection, HD Flash Drive with Hidden Camera, small Badge camera, etc.
Here are the top wearable hidden cameras

HD Flash Drive Hidden Camera with 10 Hour Battery Timings

Such a Flash drive camera can be taken anywhere and can act and surveillance anywhere we want to. It is best for the purposes of the investigation and for the recordings of office clients. Its total rechargeable battery time is 10 hours, with the motion or continuous recordings. Its head can be rotated with a 90° angle. It contains the 128 GB memory card with a built-in DVR.

Spy Camera in Watches

The Night Vision Spy Camera Watch is best to record videos in zero levels of light. Thus, a spy camera is installed in the watch which used to deliver 1920 x 1080 appearances of color resolution video with 30 frames per second. The video in it is captured and saved in the internal stored battery that can be easily downloadable by connecting the USB cable on the computer.
It can be charged with the computer and AC adapter as well. Its battery life is almost 2 hours. And it is such a spy camera which could not be specified easily. It contains build-in infrared technology which illuminates at night time so it can record easily at night times. But it captures the still images mostly. The best specification of this camera is that it is water-resistant up to the 3M. Photography Mode Captures Still Images

WI-FI DVR in Headphones

The headphones also contain the spy cameras in them. Everyone used to have earphones so these wireless headphones can be used greatly to keep a camera in them. The video frame in such cameras used to record completely. It can record live views. It contains the memory card, and have 1080P HD Resolution with the Signal Activated or Unremitting Recording. Its storage capacity is 32GB micro SD card.

720 Pen Camera with the Motion Detection

The 720 Pen hidden camera can record almost 2 hours and approximately 8GB internal memory. It contains one top button its several modes can be triggered by one top button. It’s very easy to record the moving and constant objects in its storage memory.

Button Camera

In the button cameras, The Law Mate BU-18 Button Camera is a CCD camera. It looks like a button and or a pinhole. It contains applications and in different styles. It contains a 4.3 mm lens with a width of 80-degree wide coverage. It can give limitless recorded footage when it is associated with a CCTV system. It contains high-resolution recordings with a power of 5volt.

Tiny Badge Camera

Even the mini nanny cam in smile face badge is also used to keep an eye for security purposes as well as for photography, shooting purposes, real-time videos, and meetings. It has a tiny shape that even can be attached to the pocket. It is supported by the polymer lithium series which can take the video of more than 100 minutes when it is fully charged. It even contains the automatic off functioning process which stores the function programmed without any moment loss in it.