If you want to know which is the best dash cam, then here’s a piece of good news for you because we’re here going to give you the right recommendations. Hence Nextbase 522GW is known as the best dashcam. You can easily buy it currently. As we know that 522GW is the impressive dash cam that is used to offer the best features before seen in a dashcam.

Whereas, dash cams are used to capture all kinds of madness out on the road. But the action occurs other than the front of your car. This is the reason that how several people are investing in dual dash cams which consist of a second camera.

Having a front dash cam gives excellent protection and safety through your front windshield by adding a rear camera that is used to double the protection and offers complete attention for your vehicle. Furthermore, the best dash cams will always have a front and rear dash camera for a truck dashcam. This is because a high-quality dash cam gives a maximum amount of protection perfectly. While a 2-channel dashcam is best for most of the vehicles.

For better protection, you can use Aukey dual camera dash cam that has an IR night vision car camera at a 170-degree wide-angle dash camera for vehicles. You can also go for a dual dash cam, VAVA dual 1920 x 1080P with a Night vision, Parking mode, G-sensor, loop recording, etc.

How to Choose the Best Dash Cam of Your Need?


We know that a covered dash cam is capable of producing better quality video footage to help prove what occurred in the case of a crash and it can protect you from false statements. But you should consider that not all dash cams on the market are worth your money. Whereas, there is a huge difference between different models of the dashcam. Hence you need to first check the quality of the dashcam properly.

  1. You need to look at the types of dashcam and its multiple lenses.
  2. You need to check the recording quality therefore; you might be able to get the best footage possible.
  3. Another thing you must have to consider is the dashcam features such as GPS, G-force sensors and parking mode.

What Features to Look for While Buying a Dashcam?


The first and foremost thing that you need to consider while buying a Dashcam is Video quality. Hence video quality is known as the most effective and important feature of the dashcam. Then here comes storage capacity, size and reliability, ease of installation (where there’s no difficulty in installation), single or dual channel, G-sensor, and heat tolerance, etc.  

Why Is There a Need to Install a Dashcam in Your Car?

You must need to install a dashcam in your car because of the lowdown on a car dash camera. There is a need to install dash cams because to reduce the fraud tax that occurs into auto premiums. A car dash cam can help you avoid wrongfully issued tickets. 

How to Do a Price Survey of Dash Cams Before Buying One?

Dashcam range in price from £20 models to feature dashcam systems for anything up to £400. Price doesn’t ensure quality. However, the important aspect of a dashcam is the quality of its footage. Whereas, if the image quality is not better, then you wouldn’t be able to show the footage after an accident to prove you are not wrong. Every dashcam support HD resolution from 1280 x 720 pixels. But most common dash cams to record in full HD starts from 1920 x 1080 pixels. Whereas, some can record up to 4K that starts from 3840 x 2160 pixels. Hence it is indeed that a higher resolution doesn’t guarantee good enough quality. But 1080p are term as clear and detailed dash cams.

What Essentials Should You Know About Dashcam?

You need to make sure that you get a dashcam with a looping feature. In this way, the dashcam will record over an old video you no longer need, and then you would not delete the footage physically. You need to look for dash cams that have g-force sensors that would be able to detect when you have been in an accident. Hence these kinds of dashcams help to save the footage that was being recorded at that time instead of looping over it. furthermore, your dashcam should be able to record nighttime footage reliably. Keep it in mind that if a dashcam doesn’t record what’s happening then it is not of much use.

Where Should You Consider Placing the Dash Cam in A Car?

You can place the dashcam in a part of the windshield that will not block the driver’s view. This is the reason why it is attached to the small area behind the rearview mirror. But unluckily, all the states in the US do not allow dash cams to be attached to the windshield.

What Measures to Take for Maintenance of Your Dash Cam?

You need to take care of the maintenance of your dashcam. You need to have a basic check on the dashcam then you have to review the footage. Format the memory card is recommended. It is just because to take out the memory card and format it so that memory would be safe. However, if you get an error report you need to format the memory card. Another thing is an Annual format that you can format your memory card once a year for better performance and memory protection.

What Are the Ultimate Benefits of Using The Best Dashcam?

The benefits of using a dashcam are the first evidence in car accidents. This is considering the main reason why drivers are installing dash cameras. It is also helpful in capturing the crimes, preventing insurance fraud, capture bad driving, for concerned parents, and record road trip memories and unexpected occurrences as well.

What You Must Know About Legal Considerations of Using A Dashcam?

Some people believe that there are legal issues around the use of dashcams but in some places, people believe that they are legal to use. Police forces encourage us as it helps to provide valuable witness evidence in criminal cases. Some insurance companies are also allowing owners to submit the proof in court. Hence you need to be careful as the video can’t be edited. If your camera has a microphone, you will need permission from passengers to record it or you can turn off the microphone in the car.


It is stated that dash cams have many benefits in recording car accidents. That’s the reason the drivers are installing dash cams for protection and safety. As dash cams help capture crimes, capturing bad driving and record unexpected and road trip remembrances, etc.