Wonderful range of spy camera sunglasses – best spy gear 2017

One of the most useful and most innovative ways to use a hidden or wireless camera is to put them into sunglasses. Tom Cruise and his pair of eyeglasses in Mission Impossible have fallen into the analysis of the history of surveillance. Spy camera glasses have a built-in camera somewhere within them, for example in the nosepiece, and capture images as the wearer of the glasses see them.

Sunglasses with camera or spy eyewear makes it possible to carry on operations without the knowledge of others. These are not just sunglasses that can function as a hidden camera. There are very discrete hidden cameras that look like a standard case for your eyeglasses. They are readily available for use and very portable.

Spy glasses would always be hidden or wireless. The same considerations that apply to conventional spy cameras, such as resolution, battery life, etc., are also being applied here. Here are top 5 Wonderful ranges of Spy Sunglasses:

Liquid Apex Image Spy Camera Sunglasses:

Liquid Image Apex is equipped with the best video camera. Its HD camcorder can record:

  • 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second
  • Quality 720p 60 frames per second

The resolution of the camera is 12 megapixels, and the viewable angle is 135 degrees. The microphone comes with wind-guard features with high-quality recording. These sunglasses also come with Wi-Fi live streaming with sync to tablets and smartphones. Two shortcomings of Liquid image Apex are its low memory and poor camouflage. It's perfect for skiing, but you can’t wear out on the road.

Ultra Wide-Angle DVR Spy Camera Sunglasses:

It has a massive viewing angle of 147 degrees that is why it features on the list. It comes with a 90-minute battery life and is perfect for long duration filming. The perfect spy product comes with a variety of features.

  • 64 GB is expandable.
  • 8 GB of internal memory.
  • 1080p recording.

The only disadvantage of these spy camera glasses is its camera placement. Even though it is well camouflaged, the central circular patch does not look good at all.

Pivothead Durango Spy Camera Sunglasses:

This Spyglass also comes in the top list for its 1080p video recording capacity. Lenses are impact resistant and come in the stylish blue shade. However, the camera placement is a big turn off. It is uprightly visible, and everyone can see that you are recording their movements. Also, the features of spyglass are:

  • 8 megapixels camera.
  • 30 frames per second recording.
  • Covered USB port.
  • Small weight.

The price of these glasses exceeds USD 200. It's sporty and has an excellent grip.

Wosports Video Spy Camera Sunglasses:

These sunglasses appear in this list because of its budget cost. The price is cool, its sports features such as:

  • 550 mAh battery with 1.5 hours of operation.
  • UV 400 protection.
  • 720p recording
  • Lightweight of just 65 grams.

The overall look is kinda cool. No bulky frame corners with a smooth surface. The manufacturer claims to fit in any size of the head and comes in a silicone case. However, as it is with all budget glasses, video recording becomes a bit hazy while on the move.

Fast Action Sports Sunglasses:

This is a pair of sunglasses that comes only at $39. The recording is at a resolution of 1280X720p, but the camera is VGA. Look-wise, it is very sporty with a muscular frame and a well-camouflaged camera. The quality of the audio is excellent.

  • 2 modes: picture and video.
  • 4 GB of memory.
  • 20 minutes of recording.

This spyglass is not ideal for long distance or long duration filming, but it is user-friendly to your pockets.