Helpful Tips To Buy The Best NVR For Security Purposes

With the increase in crimes like robbery, home invasion, vandalism, vehicle theft, and shoplifting, it is mandatory to secure your property by installing a reliable security system on it. Video surveillance systems help protect your property from crimes and keep you aware of disasters like fires and floods.

When you install a security system on your property, the threat of robbers breaking in lessens as the criminals want to avoid being captured by spy cams or hidden cameras placed secretly around the property. The security systems also help to keep an eye on your children and pets to ensure their safety. They also inspect the workers at your house.

What is NVR security?

Network video recorders are smart CCTV devices that provide extra protection to your property. As compared to other security systems, this type of security system provides better protection in terms of flexibility and reliability.

NVR is different from traditional DVRs because it has powerful network connectivity which helps you protect all types of cameras. It records videos at high resolutions and allows you to access live and recorded footage from anywhere in the world.

With the development of technology, more efficient video surveillance systems are in the market. They provide features and functions similar to that of a computer. They have motion sensors, mobile notifications, and they can also inform law enforcement automatically.

Types of Video Recorders

There are three types of video recorders: digital video recorder (DVR), network video recorder (NVR), and cloud-based video recorder.

DVR is the most common type of recorder. It records footage on hard drives and can only be accessed by those who have the correct login credentials.

NVR is a newer type of recorder that records footage on network-attached storage (NAS) devices. These devices are usually placed in secure areas such as data centers or server rooms. They can be accessed by anyone who has the correct login credentials, making them more convenient than DVRs.

Cloud-based video recorders are the newest type of recorder and work by recording footage on remote servers. This type of recorder is ideal for businesses that want to store footage but don’t have the resources to install their own security system.

Why is NVR better than DVR?          

NVR ( Network Video Recorder) offers better video quality with a resolution of 1080p that results in a better view of the picture. Attaching a new camera to the NVR system is very easy because it connects directly to a network. IP cameras used in NVR systems are connected by PoE switches that provide both power and data to the cameras and are easily attachable. IP cameras are suitable for NVR, and they have much better features and quality than analog cameras. You can easily change cameras, move or change the position of an NVR. They have more and better-advanced features installed.

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) has a video resolution of D1, the quality equal to 720 x 480 pixels used in television systems with closed-circuits. DVR connects to analog cameras, and adding a new camera requires plugging a BNC cable to attach a camera to the DVR. Since the BNC cable has a camera attached to it, you have to buy a new DVR to install a new camera. The DVR also requires the attached cameras to be in a close range.

Which NVR to choose?

When choosing a network video recorder, it is important to consider the number of cameras that will be used with the recorder. If the number of cameras is too high, you need to buy an NVR with ample storage. But if there are fewer cameras, you can choose a cheaper model.

The recorders have different types of ports for connectivity including HDMI and VGA ports. It is important to check all available ports before purchasing an NVR so that the devices connected to the recorder can easily be viewed.

Features to look for in Network Video Recorders


NVRs use IP cameras for recordings. The word IP stands for Internet Protocol. IP cameras can provide data as an IP address plus record videos. IP cameras use PoE switches and BNC cables. Not only does NVR provide quality videos, but it helps in data transmission as well.


As NVRs use IP cameras, they can directly record from or by the network environment. Using PoE ( Power over Ethernet), the circuit of NVR can transmit recorded videos and get the DC power supply.


NVR has internal storage in the form of an HDD that ranges from 500GB to 6TB. NVRs also has HDMI and USB ports to attach any external storage device and components.


NVR security systems are innately flexible because the cameras are not in a direct connection with the recorders. IP cameras only have to be on the same network. The cameras of your system can be anywhere, and you can view them if they are on the same network.

Video/ Audio Quality:

NVR recorders get an unadulterated advanced sign from the camera's video quality is in a way that is better than contrasted with a DVR at a similar goal. Furthermore, as Ethernet links convey sound, all cameras with mouthpieces could record sound to the NVR.

Which NVR to choose for your Security System?

NVR security systems are the most suitable to install on your property for sale to keep it safe. NVR systems are much more developed and have the most advanced features. But choosing the best and most reliable NVR system is also a task because different NVR systems have features, and to find one that fulfills, your needs can be tricky.

Here are some things you need to look for in your NVR security systems:

NVR that provides good quality footage:

For footage that can provide clear images of faces, number plates of cars, and other things, NVRs have different resolutions. That can range from 720 to 4K pixels. With 4K pixels, it's the horizontal dimension referred to as call at the abbreviated identifier. But they are almost 3840 x 2160 to save you time with the same math.

  • Keep in mind to buy an NVR camera system after following the precautions below:
  • Make sure it has at least 1080 pixel resolution and PoE cables attached to IP cameras.
  • Check out sample videos that users upload to determine the quality offered by the NVR system.
  • To avoid having blind spots, make sure to examine the view angle of the NVR. It will also help you decide the number of cameras required on your property to ensure proper protection of your property.

Remember to examine the Wifi IR range and PoE of NVR to see its capacity to view at night time.

Easy to use and setup NVR systems:

  • Almost all the NVR security systems are easy to set up and use and to choose the best, follow the following tricks:
  • When buying an NVR, make sure to see it sells the "plug and plays" feature.
  • Check if accessories for security camera installation are a selling point along with the NVR security system kit.
  • Look out for additional hidden fees linked to NVR PoE security systems.
  • View reviews of the NVR system to make sure the setup process is easy as advertised.

NVR security system must have a long recording time:

Many factors can affect the recording time of an NVR system. NVR security systems have a long recording time before new files overwrite the old ones. Following are ways to find NVR systems with long term recording time:

  • Check for NVR systems with built-in HDD and its storage space.
  • Check for the audio recording feature in the NVR system. Audio recordings can also take up storage space. If the NVR does include this feature, you can disable it.
  • Examine if the resolution to see if it is adjustable. If so, you can maximize the use of storage.
  • Check if you can add an external HDD to the NVR to increase storage space.

Easily accessible by phone:

NVR systems have the advantage of easy access by mobile phones and computers. You can manage your home security sitting at any place with an NVR system. To buy a more reliable NVR system, you can take the following steps:

Check if the manufacturer offers free software for your phone or PC.

Look for reviews about the NVR to know what kind of experience its users had. Whether the product's software was easy-to-use, intuitive, and potent or not.

Also, see if users had any complaints about lagging or quality of the product when viewing the videos. Make sure the videos are clear and understandable.

Keep factors like your situation in mind when buying an NVR system, your family, budget, and your needs.

You can also look for NVR cameras with the following features that make them best for your home security system:

  1. Expandable
  2. Wireless Cameras
  3. ONVIF Compliant

NVR systems ensure the safety of your property in your busy life. It is a huge stress relief for parents with toddlers, who roam around. Even you are a victim of a robbery. NVR systems can provide you with evidence for the police.

NVR security systems are much more developed and useful than other network recorders. Buying the best NVR helps to make sure you are giving the safety of your property in the right hands.


NVR security systems are an important part of a well-rounded home security plan. By following the tips in this article, you can be sure to buy the best system for your needs. Remember to take into account factors like resolution, storage capacity, and ease of use when making your purchase. With the right NVR system, you can relax knowing your property is in good hands.

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