Hiding Spy Video Camera - 6 Ideal Places In The Living Room.


The living room is one of the biggest rooms where the main activities take place in the house. We live in a world that is vulnerable to potential hazards, such as theft and abuse of trust. The use of hidden spy camera to protect your families and property is nothing new. Recently, the best dash cam has been putting us a cut above others.

Many people want to make use of this advanced technology for their curiosity about spying. However, it has changed lives by being a valuable asset both in professional and personal life. You can install the spy camera to keep a close eye on the nanny to make sure your kids are being taken care of in your absence. Another reason for spy camera is to be sure your partner is not misusing your trust.

Some people are sometimes confused and do not know where to hide their cameras in the living room. Which area is the safest (meaning the camera is not going to be detected)? The places people won’t look at.

Below are some of the best places in the house where one can hide the spy camera to observe them and record various activities in the living room.

1-Teddy Bear:

 Many people have all kinds of plush toys. One might take one and simply put the camera in there.

2-Toy Cars:

If there are any toy cars in the living room or any other room, you can put a small camera on the toy and spy on others.


 You can buy a double-sided mirror and put a spy camera there. Otherwise, it is possible to buy a mirror with an inbuilt camera.


 You can remove a bulb or take a lamp and put the spy cam inside. Then turn off the lights and start monitoring. Just be sure someone does not try to fix it.


You can put a spy cam in a flower pot and put it on the window pan, for example. If you have flowers in the living room or plants, it does not look strange.


Thin cameras can be placed in the light switch. Some switches have covers that help cover the spy camera lens.

On a final note, always keep in mind that a spy camera loses its main goal if it is not versatile by nature. Every job and home has special needs and requirements that must be met by the hidden camera. Every concealed device must adapt to its surroundings nicely and easily disguise itself like a chameleon under an object. We, people, are sensitive to change, from the very onset; we have moved things around us depending on our mood and taste.


Make a wise decision when choosing the place you like as once chosen the mindset seems to be fixed. For your preference, if a desktop table is a great place for a wireless calculator spy cam and it works for you then see that it serves the purpose of disguise.