Our home is our haven and is where we can be ourselves in peace. It is where we can live comfortably with our family members and recharge before going out in the world. However, being comfortable on your premises is impossible if you constantly worry about safety. After all, we hear about many instances around us involving break-ins, robberies, and trespassing. This risk can be further heightened if you live in a populated area or a neighborhood with high crime rates. In such a case, it helps to invest in security measures that can help deter intruders or catch them in the act.

This is where the X10 Pro solar outdoor camera can be an excellent asset. It provides a range of features that can allow you to protect your home. In particular, it is the floodlight aspect that makes it stand out. This article will look at all aspects in detail and show why the X10 Pro is the perfect protection for your premises.

Without further delay, let’s get into it.

Expose Dangers with the Floodlight

The ultra-bright floodlight that this solar-powered surveillance camera comes with provides various benefits. For starters, it helps you capture video regardless of the lighting conditions. If it is dark outside, this camera will automatically turn on so that the dark parts are lit up. This allows you to capture footage of any intruders. In addition, this camera can detect motion and notify you, which will enable you to turn on the floodlights that give out light up to 1,000 Lumens. This acts as a deterrent against intruders and scares them away, leaving your premises safe and sound regardless of where you are.

Advanced Surveillance Options

This solar-powered wifi camera is an excellent protection asset due to the advanced surveillance options it provides. This camera has a human recognition feature that can allow you to identify faces from far away. If there is an unexpected visitor or intruder, this camera will notify you accordingly. In addition, the X10 Pro even sends you instant motion alerts, and you can check live streams of video and pictures on your smartphone regardless of where you are. These streams and recordings are in 1080HD video and crisp audio, ensuring you can see any danger. You may be worried about poor wifi signals, and so this camera comes with an adjustable antenna that can capture signals where they may be weak. In essence, you are getting uninterrupted surveillance due to these fantastic features.

Operates in any condition

The great thing about the X10 Pro is that you can set it up anywhere you need. If you are worried about visitors to your front porch or package robberies, you can set it up on your front door. Similarly, if you are concerned about people sneaking through your backyard, you can get it set up there. You can mount this camera on any surface and even your rooftop, and it will be able to capture anything courtesy of the 90-degree angle lens. Additionally, the X10 Pro can provide surveillance in any weather conditions, whether sunny, rainy, or snowing. It is effective in any area and under any lighting conditions. This is because the camera and charging camera can work separately. You can mount the camera in a dark spot and the charger in the sun, and it will still be able to work. This means you do not have to worry about safety regardless of the situation.

Solar power capabilities

One danger with surveillance systems tends to be that they may stop working or may not have enough charging to last long. This provides intruders with the opportunity to trespass and ransacks your home. This is where the X10 Pro’s solar charging capabilities come in handy. The camera comes with a solar panel that it can use to charge it and the floodlight. It has a powerful lithium-ion battery that can last a year without charging. In essence, it is entirely self-sustained and can provide surveillance without you having to plug in anything. There are up to 200 days of video storage, ensuring your security is never compromised.

Deterrent Options

The problem with traditional surveillance systems is that they provide protection after the fact rather than before. This means that the footage they capture is most useful after the crime has been committed. It would be much more convenient for you if you could deter intruders from committing the crime. This will allow you to keep yourself and your belongings safe. The X10 Pro stands out in this aspect due to the powerful two-way mic/speaker system and the 120 dB alarm siren. The system can allow you to listen to anything the camera records and project your voice across the powerful speaker. This can easily scare away any intruders. The alarm siren can do this as well while also scaring away animals. Many animals like snakes can be dangerous if they get inside your home. Therefore, this feature can be handy if you live near an area next to a forest or jungle.

To sum up

Homes provide a place where we can live in comfort and peace. However, this can be difficult if you constantly worry about your safety and intruders. There is a need for security measures or equipment, which is where the X10 Pro shines. This camera provides a range of features that protect your home and premises. It even gives you deterrent options that standard surveillance systems tend to lack. We have looked at each of these features in detail to see why you need this camera for protection. In particular, the floodlight feature of this camera stands out as it can provide lighting and act as a deterrent. We implore you to invest in this camera so that you never have to worry about your and your property’s safety again. We hope this article proves insightful and allows you to understand how fantastic this product can be for you. Thank you for reading!