3 Things Which Can Help You Choose the Best Hidden Nanny Cam


Children’s security is the first thing on parent’s mind. That’s why leaving them alone is really difficult. Information technology is promising us a safer future, which is why we now have hidden cameras that can be used as nanny cams to monitor your child activity. So, whether you want to keep it in his room to see when he sleeps or wakes up, whether you want to keep it in the lounge and monitor and record when the nanny is responsible for taking care of your child, you can achieve all of this by choosing a best-hidden nanny cam. If you are looking to find out how to purchase the best-hidden nanny cam, then read below:

Blend in:

The first step towards selecting a nanny cam is to know where you want the cam to be. Do you want the cam to be in the kitchen, in the room, in the lounge or in all areas of your house? Depending on the location you want the camera to be in you will need to choose a camera that can blend in. For example, you can put a hidden camera in a teddy bear and use it in your kids’ bedroom but you can’t use the same teddy bear for the kitchen because it will look unnatural. So, the first thing to remember is to know where you want the camera and then make your purchase according to where you want it to be. Once you have selected the location then move on to:

Wireless or Hard Wired:

Another important factor in selecting cameras is to know whether you want a wireless camera or wired camera. Generally, for nanny cams, I would recommend wireless cameras since they are easy to hide and won’t leave any traces behind.


You have used the hidden camera but how are you going to monitor the activity all day. Do you want the video to be shifted to your computer? Do you want it to be shifted remotely or do you want to use wires? Some cameras come with SD cards and some come with an additional feature that can be used to connect the camera to the internet and share the video files directly to your computer through the internet.

Whether you are choosing a wireless or hard wired camera you will need to know the battery amount you need. Some cameras will be battery powered and some won’t be. You will need to check your requirements and then select your power outlet accordingly. We understand that if you are not very familiar with camera technology you will have trouble in selecting a camera, that’s why we are here to help. We also generally advise asking for an expert opinion if you are not sure about what to buy despite the guide. The more you know the better it is, so make a list of all your requirements first and then according to that choose a camera which fits your requirements.