As the world is changing, owing to digital transformation; we'll continue to see global emerging trends of a wide range of options in solving security challenges. The use of the smart USB charger as a tool for safeguarding your surroundings is an example of such trends, and today we'll be looking at a few tips on how you can benefit in using these smart device for your surveillance purposes.

The smart USB charger camera does look like any USB electronic charger device that has power adapter that can generate the required 5 volts DC – a standard for most Universal Serial Bus (USB), usually sold in the market with Smartphones. Just plug in the disguised charger camera to a power socket and it will start working.

Now, what makes this piece of gadget useful for your surveillance is that; the device is been modified to include certain electronic function such as motion sensors, a hidden spy camera lens and other features that is required for safeguarding or monitoring your room, offices and business environments; just about anywhere you place it, provided it is plugged into a wall socket. Another good thing about the USB adapter camera is its high storage capability, also it has the functional ability of loop recording, such that it overwrites the previous file you’ve stored in your hidden camera.

How To Use The USB Smart Charger Camera

The USB charger can be plugged at any given area, either outdoor or indoor to detect motion and record clips to a Micro SD card in-built into the camera. The device does not have any access to an external storage and hence requires you to retrieve the SD card anytime you want to view what you’ve recorded.

If you want to make use of this camera for security purpose, you have to conceal the area where the LED light flashes whenever it senses motion, cover the area with black tape or ink to avoid blowing your cover.



Using The USB Smart Charger As A Keylogger

Covertly, the USB charger camera can feature as a keylogger, having the capability to sniff on wireless keyboards. This device can turn out to be a great spy asset for a nosy boss or company owner. When these charger adapters are plugged into a socket close to computer systems, it decrypts and log all keystrokes entered into a computer, and then transmits all information to a folder in the SD card that is in-built to the camera. One big threat about this disguised spy camera is its passive appearance; no one will know you have a keylogger in them, let alone a memory card that stores discrete information.

The Use Of The Smart USB Charger For Securing Your Room

The use of these devices can be implemented for securing your house especially for keeping tabs on an infidel spouse. You can also secure your hotel room when you’re not around, since most hotels will require that you drop keys. In a scenario where a staff of an hotel is tempted to check if you have any valuable belongings, a USB charger should be stealth enough for covert recording, so that no one knows you’re recording any activity. In this scenario, it is very easy to mount by plugging it to a wall socket that faces adjacent where you placed your valuables, when anyone enters your hotel room, it will start recording due to motion detection sensed by the spy camera. One good thing about the stealth nature of the camera is that; whenever an intruder removes the charger from the wall to inspect it, it will stop to work immediately and saves your footage directly to the SD card in the camera. Once you’ve painted the LED light area to cover the blinking from motion detection, this camera is a sure way to record covertly

Already, we’ve known where the big market for these spy camera device will serve. The USB smart charger is definitely going to be useful for nosy employers, suspicious spouse, government spies and the likes.