Corporate interest in surveillance over some time now is one of the factors that boost productivity in companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter. Unfortunately, the public is concerned about their safety, and at the same time could not disband from some of these social devices which serve as the channel through which their privacy is been breached oftentimes. So, this leaves us with the question; how can we manage this phenomenon?

In simple terms, corporate surveillance is a form of surveillance that is based on monitoring people indirectly through the collection and evaluation of personal data in order to capture and profile individuals according to their lifestyles, spending habits and behaviors, so that in the long run, they can extract and elucidate what appeals more to their monitored victims, and which the government is aware and leveraging upon.

According to so many people’s opinions on corporate surveillance, it poses a threat to equality, freedom, and fairness; which in fact can be termed generally as social injustice. The dangerous aspect of corporate surveillance is that; when these data collection is been subjected to data mining and automated analysis by a process of computer algorithms, these secretive and incomprehensive process now place ordinary people in societies into categories for profiling and targeting, which on the long run will affect people’s ability to get things like jobs, loans and other resources merited for.

Now the big question we should ask ourselves is; how these personal data landscapes could be re-organized not for injustice and oppression, but for social equality and advancement.

Corporate Surveillance and The Way Forward

Some people may ask; at what point does corporate surveillance becomes a violation of private privacy? This question should have been asked a few decades back because right now, it is impossible to re-establish any kind of privacy. In the world we live today, there’s no way we can do without surveillance because everything must be monitored, not just by hidden cameras but through cyber activity. The world is becoming technologically advanced minute by minute and so the only disadvantage of corporate surveillance would only be its improper use and manipulation into our day-to-day livelihood.

If corporate surveillance could be properly managed, there would be no need talking about curbing them, because even the “privacy laws”, do have so many uncertainties so that they even tend to enable more spying. Everyone in the world we live in today should be responsible for his / her privacy. In the tech world of today, it will be a waste of time to leave “the right of privacy” to be handled by the Government. This is why everyone should be equipped with these new technologies and learn how they shrewdly operate.

Nowadays In the World Wide Web, if you take a close look, you’ll observe that 60 -70% of your internet bandwidth is wasted on advertising, marketing, and covert spying and still yet there’s nothing we ought to be doing about the situation. Now we have to start thinking about how to curb all these spying propaganda. A typical example of how we control the situation of bandwidth use is to try to privatize your networks and its routers and remove to block out any form of fake news or webpage spying techniques. Also, you could make use of Adblockers in browsers and a kind of Linux kernel to impede any form of threat coming from mainstream operating systems like Windows, Android and Apple as well.

Consequently, some people don’t even know that corporate surveillance began when technological evolution began over some decades ago. Can’t you see?  an example of these is a secret circuit wired into almost every computer that has been manufactured for the past ten years now.  It’s hard to find a desktop or Notebook today that are not having this chip, and these cryptograms serves as a spying tool to others, including the Government, and some people talk about privacy, when there are already highly rated technological devices trending right now, with a high capacity of spying on everything you do. What would you say about inkjet Printers or the IoT devices used in today's homes? What about your TV sets? Why wouldn’t you call all these Smart gadgets smart cameras instead? Corporate surveillance is all around us since we’ve embraced technology as a system for our world.