The world of hidden camera technology is so large, to the extent that even some of our everyday devices are spying on us without our notice, through Smartphones, Smart Home kits, the Internet and so on. Some of these technologies do come in the form of listening devices, interceptors, bugs, tracking devices, etc., and before you even know it, your so-called monitoring devices installed at your home to maintain security might have already recorded and collect every data and daily activities of you; thanks to the company making these gadgets.

Today, people are more careful about how they live their lives, whom they talk to, whom they exchange contact details with, whom they agree to allow to pay a visit to their houses, whom they have a clandestine affair with and so on. This is true because with the innovation of spy camera technology today, getting more sophisticated and highly improvised, it is now easy for these gadgets to collect audio and video conversations, which is critical to know what people are doing. People can now easily detect if their spouse is having a secret affair, if employees are stealing from them or planning a robbery, know who the stranger is frequently parking his vehicle in front of the house when away for work or a trip out of the country. Everyone is now aware of these technologies, gone are those days that bugs are only limited for top government spies.

Spy Camera Technology Is Converting Violent Criminals To Cyber Criminals

The level of crime in the physical world has reduced drastically, thanks to surveillance cameras in parking lots, streets and public places, crime can be easily reported with security cameras installed in your home even if you’re the far way in another country. The issue of property security is gradually becoming a less concern, rather than employing a security guard to look over your valuables; you can easily watch your CCTV camera and have just one person monitoring all your territories, which you can do yourself.

On the other hand, most crimes committed these days is over the internet or through internet-connected devices. The awareness of spy cam in just about every place can easily scare away a thief or an armed criminal; this is why all attention is now focused on cybercrime. In fact, as you may already know from a speech made from Warren Buffet's statement, he said “Cyber threats are the biggest threat to mankind, bigger than threats from nuclear weapons”, and that’s true. Just in case you don’t know, about 1.76 billion records were leaked in just one month, earlier this year. Criminals are now shying away from spy cameras installed in public and now turning into a more digital way of stealing with the use of Cryptojacking, destructive malware, Phishing e-mails, malicious file extensions via Microsoft office files, SQL injections, data breach and Grayware for mobile and many more. To cut the story short, people are now more worried about a victim of cybercrime than being a victim of violent crime.

The Effect of Spy Technology On Social Life And Workplace  

Mostly in advanced countries, the use of Spycam monitoring devices is prevalent. The pattern of living of most people in the civilized world like Europe and North America has drastically changed, people now distaste going to shopping malls and prefer shipped products, people are now more careful where they go to drink alcohol, where they lodge in hotels and so on. Everyone is having a watchful eye on who is watching.

Every workplace and sector of the establishment now have cameras monitoring their employees, It’s easier to say that private information isn’t private anymore. Now in China and some few places in the world, a kind of spy technology is now used to monitor the brainwaves of people.  In other words, it means they are trying to read the emotions of their workers and staffs with the form of AMI modules with wireless sensors placed on the head of employees to record and transmit data for assessment and judgment purposes so that anomalies like anger or depression and anxiety can be detected.