Today, if you want to outsmart those thieves and intruders coming into your home, you also have to be smart about the situation, and one way to do these is to leverage on house or office décor materials lying around as a disguise security camera.

The type of camera often used in disguise with décor pieces can be sometimes referred to as nanny cam, usually in the form of a pinhole camera. These hidden cameras can serve many purposes; they can be used as a monitoring tool for childcare, identifying burglars or for use in discovering a partner or spouse’s infidelity. The interesting fact about these cameras is that they can be easily installed by just following simple steps. Here are a few examples:

Book Shelf

You can surround a disguised camera with several books on a shelf. Placing a hidden camera in a bookshelf can sometimes be a good idea, most especially when the hidden camera is in the shape of the book or has the same color texture of the cover book.

House Flowering Plant

This method is extremely effective and simple to leverage on. Nevertheless, this method will require you having an octopus tripod, so you can mount your camera to the tripod, wrap the tripod legs around the sturdy stem of your house flowering plant. Also, its ideal for you to arrange the leaves so that the camera is well disguised able to capture an image clearly.

Photo Frames

There are specially designed photo frames that can completely conceal your security camera. The frame is usually designed to disguise a built-in lens that matches the picture frame. No one will ever guess or notice that there’s a camera lens installed in them unless if a suspicious thief pays so much attention to look closely. Another thing is that; most cameras installed in photo frames are set to detect motion only as they are required to always be in standby mode.


Alarm Clock

Hiding a camera inside an Alarm clock gives you the confidence that no one can ever detect you has a camera watching. Hidden camera clock can be placed just about anywhere, except the bathroom or toilets.

Air Freshener

An Air freshener is regarded as a household item for most people, and most of these Air fresheners are easily demountable such that you can affix a pinhole camera in them with little or no effort. One thing you will want to do though is to ensure that the lens of the camera can easily capture the clear image through those tiny holes usually seen with most Air fresheners.

Air Vents / AC Ducts

Also, this method is great if you want 24 hours surveillance on your property, since your camera is close to a socket. You can make use of the Home Blackbox hidden camera for this method, inset the camera to the inside of the air conditioning duct cover using poster putty and switch it on. It is important to also position the camera as close to a corner as possible, so it is less noticeable, but not so close that it will touch the inside of the duct, as this could cause undesirable vibrations when the air-conditioning unit is switched on.

Light Fittings

There are some spy cameras disguised as a fully functional light bulb. You can even pick out those ones that can support a two-way audio kind of nanny cam, letting you talk to whoever is in the room, an example is the Antaivision G-201L Fisheye Lens 360° Wireless camera. To use these cameras, simply screw your hidden camera into a ceiling light, and you’ll be able to see everything that’s going on in the room

Tissue Boxes

The popular wireless Tissue Box hidden camera, for example, is a cover that slips over an existing box of tissues. The Tissue Box comes in a shiny black finish and fits with camera aesthetics to avoid any kind of suspicion.

Home Theatre Speakers

 It looks just like a pair of normal home or office Computer Speakers, this method may not function properly though for audio recording because of the noise coming out of the speaker.