In today’s world where technological advancement has taken place similarly the threat towards security has also increased. Due to the advancement of technology such security is even also designed which are handy enough to get installed by the owners themselves. Now you don’t need to find the person for the security camera installation. You just need to find the place to install them.

It’s always best to install hidden cameras to avoid fake acts of the employees at the workplace and to record their actual acts. Because it always happens when the employees are aware of the installed cameras than they act quite differently as they do.

The security of every organization indeed varies according to their budgets and investments. But it’s a priority of every organization to have high alert security systems for their organization.

Can be Installed in the Interior Side of the Workplace Where Employees Commonly Sit

It’s good to install security cameras especially on the interior side of the workplace where the employees usually sit in the cabins to have an eye on the employees, about their work attitude, about their friendships and groupings, etc. The camera at such a point will give a clear picture of the work attitude of employees.

Awareness About the Laws for Installing Security Cameras

The employers should have awareness about the state privacy laws of the employers before the installation of cameras. You should give a feeling to the employees that you are respecting their personal rights and privacy and trying to look after their workplace for proper professional functioning. There should be a balance between confidentiality and safety to let everyone perform comfortably.

Plans for Placement

The security cameras should be installed with a difference of 8-10 feet from the ground. With the large space between the cameras can have more accurate and high detail. Try not to mount the camera directly towards Sun because the light causes frown in the footage. Try to mount it indirect to light. And it completely depends on the owner to let the camera visible or not.

Necessary Camera Services

Clean the cameras every periodically to ensure the proper and long-lasting functioning of them and to avoid blur vision. Because the cameras which are installed in the open air or outside the workplaces might have dirt or the pollen accommodations gathered at the lens of the camera. And try to fix them at such places which are accessible to be cleaned and maintained properly after short spans.

Check the Camera Before Installing it

Before installing the camera check out it’s functioning process first. And try to dry run it to check it’s functioning and analyze rather it’s giving the same output which is required? Check the Wi-Fi signal transferring to it. Mount it temporarily with tape to analyze its distance, fixture, or the hurdles if blocking the visions.

Fix them at Door Sides

Fix the cameras at the points where visitors used to check-in and check-out whether requested or not. Even fix the cameras at the doors which are used less than the regular. The basement doors should also contain the mounted cameras as well as the godowns and stock houses to analyze which of the employees are authorized to move in and how many of them have an approach to be in. It will be also helpful for stock checking purposes.

Several Camera Types

Several cameras like IP cam, nanny cam, Bullet cam, PTZ cam, Thermal camera, Dome camera, Box camera are used to focus on specific employees, objects, and situations keenly and work environments specifically.